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Aduro’s pancreatic cancer drug fails in mid-stage study

Aduro Biotech Inc said its pancreatic cancer drug did not improve overall survival in patients who did not show improvement after at least two prior therapies, in a mid-stage study.

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Biogen Aligns with Two Super Stars and Bags a Deal with REGENXBIO in Gene Therapy Push

Biogen has made several bold steps to further its work in gene therapy. The company announced a collaboration with two gene therapy experts from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a gene therapy technology licensing deal with Maryland-based RegenxBio.

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Pfizer Slams Down $5.2 Billion for Bay Area Drugmaker Anacor

Pfizer is acquiring Palo Alto, California-based Anacor Pharmaceuticals for $5.2 billion.

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After Heart Drug Flunks Phase II Study, Trevena Makes Strategic Pivot to Focus on Pain Drugs

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based Trevena plans to shift its focus after its TRV027 flopped in a Phase IIb clinical trial for acute heart failure.

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Pfizer blocks its drugs from use in lethal injections

Pfizer Inc. has taken steps to ensure that none of its products are used in lethal injections, the largest U.S. drugmaker said.

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The HBA Honors Its 2016 Woman Of The Year: Jennifer Cook Of Roche

Roche’s Jennifer Cook is the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s 2016 WOTY.

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Germany’s Merck says gene editing to help it outperform

Merck KGaA expects to continue delivering market-beating sales growth, helped in part by new gene modification techniques.

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Beyond immuno-oncology, AstraZeneca builds up ‘DNA damage’ drugs

Drugs targeting DNA repair mechanisms inside cells are showing real promise for a range of tumors.

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Mylan Acquiring Renaissance’s Topicals-Focused Business

Mylan N.V. announced an agreement to acquire the non-sterile, topicals-focused specialty and generics business of Renaissance Acquisition Holdings LLC for $950 million in cash at closing.

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Gutsy Sanofi to Nominate 8 Directors for Medivation Board, Files Pre-Merger Papers

Sanofi is not one to take no for an answer. Deal hungry Sanofi is carrying out its threats for a hostile takeover of Bay Area’s Medivation. Despite repeated rejections by that company’s board of directors on a possible merger, Sanofi said it plans to nominate eight directors to replace Medivation’s current board and has also filed pre-merger notifications with the Federal Trade Commission.

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Federal Agencies Want to Know More About Clovis Oncology’s Rociletinib Data from Last Fall

Clovis Oncology is facing a federal probe over data regarding its cancer drug, rociletinib. The probe centers on an announcement the company made last year that data showed a reduced rate of complete tumor responses.

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Bay Area’s KineMed Files for Chapter 11, Owes $1 Million+ to NIH, Gates and Others

Despite cutting deals with the likes of Pfizer, BioPharma Forest and ProNutria, Bay Area’s KineMed filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, XConomy reported.

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Republicans win Obamacare legal challenge, add to insurer concerns

A U.S. judge on Thursday handed a victory to congressional Republicans who challenged President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, ruling that his administration overstepped its constitutional powers relating to government spending.

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Guidemark Health hires Sophy Regelous as Chief Operations Officer

Parspippany, New Jersey: May 13, 2016–Sophy Regelous joins Guidemark Health in the role of Chief Operations Officer. Regelous will be responsible for the day-to-day operational process and workflow throughout the organization; as well, she will secure the selection and security of the tools and technology that support the business and deliverables. Regelous, who most recently […]

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Edico Genome Collaborates with IBM to Speed Up Genome Data Analysis, Accelerate GATK from Hours to Minutes

Edico Genome, creator of the world’s first bio-IT processor designed to analyze next-generation sequencing data, today announced a collaboration with IBM.

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WHO recommends new test, treatment plan for superbug strains of TB

The World Health Organization has recommended a speedier, cheaper treatment plan for patients with superbug forms of TB.

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FDA Clears Next-Gen Version of EndoGastric Solutions’ EsophyX Device

EndoGastric Solutions announced that the U.S. FDA has granted 510(k) clearance for the EsophyX Z device.

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Senate negotiators zero in on Zika virus funding

U.S. Senate negotiators tried to reach a deal to provide more than $1 billion to battle the Zika virus that is feared will creep north into the United States with the onset of warmer weather, which breeds mosquitoes that could carry the disease.

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Theranos Announces Expansion of Board of Directors and New Organizational Structure

Theranos Inc. has announced an expansion of its Board of Directors, the implementation of a new organizational structure, and the retirement of President and COO Sunny Balwani.

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Aetna plans to remain in Obamacare markets, may expand

Health Insurer Aetna Inc on Wednesday said it plans to continue its Obamacare health insurance business next year in the 15 states where it now participates, and may expand to a few additional states. “We have submitted rates in all 15 states where we are participating and have no plans at this point to withdraw […]

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