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Lions Health Takeaways: A Perspective from the Account Management Side

More than any other awards program or conference, Lions Health makes me think about the work we do and ask: What is good? What is great? What is, in fact, Lion-worthy? For me, the best part of the festival is the discussion, debate, and even arguments we have with each other, especially about that last point.

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Delivering Clients the Lion’s Share of What They Deserve: 3 Reasons Winning a Cannes Lion Should Be Clients’ New Success Metric

It’s tough times on Medicine Avenue. But, by aiming to achieve one simple, straightforward metric, I’d argue we could turn every one of those challenges around. That metric is winning a Cannes Lion.

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We can’t taste test healthcare

Recurring themes explored at Lions Health this year included empathy. The term was tossed around in all sorts of contexts – health bias, gaps in care, disease stigma, aging. For the most part, it was centered on better understanding between the health industry and people in health crisis. For me, as a creative leader and armchair strategist, empathy is most powerful in connecting ideas to audiences.

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Top Takeaways from Cannes Lions Health

At Cannes, we were fortunate enough to gain exposure to what is arguably the greatest creative output our industry has to offer. Only the most exceptional work makes it to the final rounds of judging at Cannes, where all lucky enough to attend are afforded the opportunity to see some truly great healthcare advertising from across the globe.

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Media Back in the Driver’s Seat

Life changing creativity is what the Cannes Lions Festival is all about. It is wonderful to see the health and wellness industry getting engaged in creating and celebrating creativity and innovation on a global stage.

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Lions Health: Things can only get better

Lions Health. Year three. The first thing I noticed on arriving at the Palais is that there is a new-found permanence to the event. It was bigger and better provided for than in the previous two years. And, although it’s still small when compared to the Festival as a whole, this year Lions Health felt less like a side-show and more like a legitimate extension of the burgeoning Cannes brand itself. So far, so good.

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Lions Health Takeaways: Mentor. Mentee. New momentum

As part of a mentorship program uniting UGA students with Publicis Health professionals, we were paired during the Cannes Lions Health Festival. And, although, we’re from totally different generations and backgrounds, and at different places career-wise, we were surprised by how much our experiences had in common.

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Lions Health Takeaways: Thinking about our business through rosé-colored glasses

They say it’s the light in the south of France that attracted so many of our favorite artists – Picasso, Cezanne, Matisse, and Leger, among others – all drawn to those magical low hills tumbling into the sea, bathed in a uniquely clear and warm light. But writers came there also – were Fitzgerald and Baldwin also mesmerized by the light, or was it the calm that allowed their creative minds to run free?

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Lions Health Takeaways from Rob Rogers

After two years of judging this show, it was interesting and comparatively relaxing to be an attendee at this year’s Lions Health.

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Musings from Cannes – Healthcare Communications – is the engine running out of fuel?

I guess most people coming from Cannes might be struck by the latest trends in healthcare communications – the penetration of digital, the rise of the informed patient and the continued dominance in the prizes of ‘Good Causes’ rather than product promotion. However for me the biggest and most dominant theme that emerged both in observing the attendees, and also in talking to my peers across the industry from all specialties and geographies, was talent – or to be precise the lack of it.

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The Audacity of Cannes

As another year has come and gone it’s time for creative types to review the highlights from Cannes Lions 2016. Ten trends emerged throughout the judging process and the festival itself. These trends are not just advertising trends, but rather principles and values for success in business.

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MAHF: View from the Top

Executives from leading healthcare communications agencies and networks came together on July 18th at the headquarters of Ogilvy Worldwide in New York City for the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame’s (MAHF) “View from the Top” event. Young professionals from the healthcare advertising industry were invited to hear first-hand from CEOs, presidents, and other management on what it takes to be a leader.

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John Kamp: Industry committing to accuracy in sharing drug information

The two leading biopharmaceutical organizations made a bold public statement on FDA off-label policy that proposes new regulatory standard that provides a great starting point for the inevitable policy debates on how the FDA defines “false and misleading” in marketing.

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Finding humanity in pharma marketing

To build brands in this most personal of industries, healthcare marketers must first make the human connection.

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How much do you really know about your healthcare professional audience?

Understanding the nuances of your brand’s healthcare professional audience(s) can improve marketing strategies and make your media dollars work harder.

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Why outsource commercial services and why now?

An ever-shifting sales landscape calls for a nimble, responsive sales approach – one often problematic for the behemoth infrastructures of many large pharmaceutical organizations and the experience level of emerging biotechnology firms. As a result, commercial services partners offer a stronger than ever value proposition to the industry.

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Pharma’s decades-long digital transformation picks up speed

Don’t fall under the digital bus. That’s how Gartner’s 2016 report characterizes the certainty and velocity of the movement to digital. And, according to IDC, two-thirds of CEOs plan to focus on digital transformation strategies in 2016. No doubt that many life sciences company CEOs will be among those on the digital bus.

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Tips for improving pharma branded websites

As market researchers, we have spent a lot of time listening to what patients and caregivers want and do not want when it comes to pharmaceutical websites. From the very big to the very small, here is a list of suggestions from consumers on how to increase a pharmaceutical branded website’s potential.

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Omnicom Health launches DDB Health

At the end of June 2016, Omnicom Health Group announced the launch of DDB Health. The new organization combines the former AgencyRx, Flashpoint Medica, Synergy, and DDB Health Germany and DDB Health Paris into a single organization.

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Five key elements pharma marketers can learn from Pokémon Go

It’s no secret that marketing has grown in complexity in the last few decades, coupled with the rise in digital technologies. Unless you’ve been completely disconnected, you likely know that the newest phenomenon in this world is Pokémon Go, an app-based game that has single-handedly taken over the technological world.

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