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TG Therapeutics Stock Plunges as Company Modifies Phase III Cancer Trial Protocols

TG Therapeutics stock took a dive on news that it was modifying the protocols in its Phase III clinical trial of TG-1101 for relapsed/refractory high-risk chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

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AbbVie: Welcome Back

Just a few years after its spin-off from Abbott, Med Ad News Company of the Year AbbVie is very much back in the big pharma conversation.

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Amgen: Transforming For The Future

Amgen has focused the company’s business and operating model through significant transformation and process improvement efforts to produce innovative medicines while generating satisfactory investor returns.

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AstraZeneca: Expecting A Rich Harvest

AstraZeneca continues to rely on its growth platforms to bring the company back on track, weathering patent expirations as it cultivates the pipeline with many promising products.

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U.S. breast cancer deaths drop; rate among white women falls most

U.S. death rates from breast cancer have dropped, although the decline was still greater among white women than black women, according to a study.

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UK to ‘fast track’ most cost-effective new drugs

Britain’s healthcare cost agency NICE plans to fast-track its recommendations for the most cost-effective new drugs.

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Denmark’s Genmab looks to immunotherapy for cancer drug encore

Immunotherapy, which boosts the immune system to fight cancer, could be the next big opportunity for Genmab, potentially driving peak sales of its top-selling drug well past $10 billion a year, its chief executive believes.

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Efforts to beat tuberculosis fall far short, WHO warns

Health authorities worldwide need to move much faster to prevent, detect and treat a “deadly epidemic” of tuberculosis if they are to reduce TB infections and deaths by 2030, the World Health Organization warned.

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Pfizer loses appeal in UK patent case over use of Lyrica drug for pain

Pfizer suffered a setback in Britain when the Court of Appeal in London ruled against it in a patent case over the use of its $5 billion-a-year drug Lyrica for pain relief.

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Google’s Verily to Tackle Zika

Verily, Google’s life sciences division, aims to eliminate the threat of the mosquito-borne Zika virus by figuring out how to prevent the pesky pests from reproducing.

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