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First U.S. soda tax cuts consumption beyond expectations

As voters consider soda taxes in four U.S. cities, a new study finds that low-income Berkeley neighborhoods slashed sugar-sweetened beverage consumption by more than one-fifth after the Northern California city enacted the nation’s first soda tax.

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Amazon CEO, Mayo Clinic Back Bay Area Anti-Aging Firm Unity Biotech’s $116 Million Funding Round

Antiaging startup Unity Biotechnology got an infusion of $116 million in financing – backed in part by noted names, including Jeff Bezos, the founder of – through his Bezos Expedition Fund, as well as ARCH Venture Partners and Mayo Clinic Ventures.

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Ganymed Grabs $1.4 Billion Buyout From Astellas

Astellas Pharma plunked down $1.4 billion to acquire Ganymed Pharmaceuticals and its experimental pipeline asset IMAB362 as a first-line treatment in gastric cancer.

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Exclusive: EpiPen price hikes add millions to Pentagon costs

Mylan NV’s price hikes on EpiPens have added millions to U.S. Department of Defense spending since 2008 as the agency covered more prescriptions for the lifesaving allergy shot at near retail prices, government data provided to Reuters shows.

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Screen time, phone use linked to less sleep for teens

Digital distractions, and a more classical one – talking on the phone – are linked to shorter sleeping time and greater daytime sleepiness for teens, Canadian researchers say.

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Could nasal tissue repair a damaged knee joint?

Doctors might one day be able to harvest cells from patients’ noses to produce cartilage that can be transplanted into damaged knee joints.

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AstraZeneca pauses two cancer drug trials’ enrollment due to bleeding

AstraZeneca’s high hopes for cancer immunotherapy were dented as the recruitment of new patients with head and neck cancer into two clinical studies was put on hold, following instances of bleeding.

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Patient values may not always align with choices for end of life care

Patients and families state that they value comfort, having time with family and death not being prolonged, but these values often do not align with the treatment they expect at the end of life, according to a new Canadian study.

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Allergan Acquires Gastrintestinal Firm Motus

Allergan struck a $200 million deal to snag Motus Therapeutics in an effort to shore up its gastrointestinal therapies.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb to Revamp R&D Unit

Following an unexpected clinical-trial setback of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo, the company plans to undergo a reorganization of its research and development unit.

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