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With apps and the Internet, you can’t access what you can’t find

More time is now spent on the Internet through smartphones than on PCs; that includes both work and leisure time. But it’s not necessarily easier to connect with your customers.

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Biogen’s CEO Hunt Holds Company in Limbo

Investors got their chance to dive a little deeper into Biogen’s finances at its third-quarter 2016 conference call. Despite a pop in the stock value and some promising news for nusinersen and aducanumab, there are other factors that make Biogen seem like a company in pause mode waiting for something to happen.

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23andMe Kills Its Next Generation Gene Sequencing Project, Cuts Jobs

Genomic company 23andMe halted its plans to develop a new gene-sequencing program that would have allowed customers to learn more about potential predisposition to genetic diseases.

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Sanofi partners with Brazil to accelerate Zika vaccine work

Sanofi struck a collaboration deal with a leading Brazilian research institute to speed development of a Zika vaccine, consolidating the French drugmaker’s position in the race to defeat the mosquito-borne virus.

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Cancer survivors take more psych meds than other people

People who live through a bout with cancer are more likely to use medication for anxiety and depression than those without a history of malignancies, a U.S. study suggests.

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Brazil, Colombia scale up fight versus Zika, dengue

Health authorities in Colombia and Brazil will launch large-scale mosquito-control campaigns using a using naturally occurring bacteria known as Wolbachia.

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EpiPen rival plans on U.S. market return in 2017

Privately held drugmaker Kaleo Inc. announced plans for a U.S. relaunch of its Auvi-Q injector for life-threatening allergic reactions in the first half of 2017.

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This is Why Novartis AG Folded Its CAR-T Unit

When Novartis shuttered its five-year-old Cell and Gene Therapy Unit in August, it sent shockwaves through the CAR-T community as some believed it to be a signal the company was abandoning the immuno-therapy research program for good. This, despite the company saying on several occasions that the move was not an end of CAR-T at the Swiss company, but merely part of a restructuring process that would be more cost efficient. That was something Novartis Chief Executive Officer Joe Jimenez recently reiterated during a conference call with investors.

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Merck & Co. and Novartis AG CEOs Blueprint What’s on Their M&A Wish List for 2017

With many biopharma companies reporting their third-quarter financials, there is often an inevitable question – What’s your merger-and-acquisition strategy? Both Merck and Novartis faced this question. Here’s what their chief executives had to say.

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Biogen Quietly Kills Autoimmune Program

While there were definitely positive items in Biogen’s third-quarter 2016 report, the company also threw in what almost seemed like an afterthought – it was no longer developing amiselimod (MT-1303).

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Bypass surgery may be better than stents for patients who skip meds

For heart disease patients who adhere to optimal medical therapy, outcomes of coronary bypass graft surgery (CABG) and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) may not differ, a new study finds.

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U.N. legal stance on Haiti cholera likely pushed by U.S.: expert

The United Nations likely refused to accept legal responsibility for a cholera outbreak in Haiti that has killed thousands in the past six years because it was a position pressed by the United States, an independent U.N. investigator said.

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Ireland joins queue to prise London’s EMA

Ireland is the latest candidate to lure the European Medicines Agency should the EMA uproot from London after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

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Unnamed Fund Manager With Reliable Track Record Says High-Flying Corbus is About to Crash

Shares of Corbus Pharmaceuticals were down more than 20 percent following the publication of an article that said the company was “headed for a big fall.”

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Watch Out Juno and Kite Pharma: Novartis Clearly Not Done With CAR-T

Reports of the death of Novartis’ CART-T program may have been greatly exaggerated. Despite shutting down its Cell & Gene Therapy Unit, Novartis said it will continue to push its pediatric leukemia therapy CTL019 toward regulatory approval.

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Tiny Dipexium Craters After Lead Drug Locilex Flunks Phase III Trials

Shares of Dipexium were down more than 80 percent after the company announced its Phase III topical cream Locilex for mild diabetic foot ulcers failed to meet its primary endpoint compared to standardized wound care in two clinical trials.

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FDA approves Keytruda in untreated lung cancer

Merck & Co. won U.S. approval to market its immunotherapy Keytruda for use in previously untreated lung cancer patients two months ahead of schedule.

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Benchmark 2017 premiums up 25%

The average premium for benchmark 2017 Obamacare insurance plans sold on rose 25 percent compared with 2016, the U.S. government said, the biggest increase since the insurance first went on sale in 2013 for the following year.

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Young football players’ brains change after one season

Children’s brains undergo noticeable changes after just one season of football, even if they were never diagnosed with a concussion, according to a new imaging study.

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Life Care to pay record $145 million over false claims

Life Care Centers of America Inc. and its owner Forrest Preston agreed to pay $145 million to resolve a U.S. lawsuit accusing the company of submitting false claims for rehabilitation therapy services that were not reasonable, necessary or skilled, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

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