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Audacity Health: 2017

“Audacity is a brand strategy and brand activation agency that works with life science, health and wellness companies to create disruptive brand experiences,” according to its management team. “We utilize unique insights to inform strategy, science and creativity to generate emotionally engaging content, and art and technology to create transformative digital solutions. We simplify brands to the core. We push innovation to the edge and we connect brands to their customers to drive revenue and establish market leadership.”

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Axiom by ApotheCom: 2017

Axiom is Huntsworth Health’s life sciences training agency, which its executives say provides comprehensive learning solutions that empower pharmaceutical, device, and biotech cross-functional teams to succeed in a global competitive landscape with a keen focus on the science, the clinician, and the patient.

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Beacon Healthcare Communications: 2017

Beacon had an exciting year in 2016, with new clients and new additions to its staff – and these new additions have set the agency up for a fast start in 2017, according to its executives. “The work Beacon has done with Louisville, Ky.-based Hema Biologics stands as a microcosm of the entire year for the agency,” management says. Hema Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on products and services aimed at those with rare bleeding conditions.

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Biolumina Group: 2017

At Biolumina, curiosity builds knowledge, understanding, brands, stories, careers, teams, connections, and momentum – each one building on the next, according to agency management. “At the core of Biolumina is curiosity, around which everything else revolves,” executives say. “This mantra of curiosity is infused into everything the agency does.”

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The Bloc: 2017

2016 was a year of transformative change for The Bloc, according to agency management. “It was a year we articulated our new mission as a company and strengthened our global network,” executives say. “We expanded and deepened our business model and leadership team. We furthered our commitment to creative excellence while diversifying our client base within health and wellness. We are fired up and ready to go!”

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The Bloc Partners: 2017

The Bloc Partners is the largest global alliance of leading independent health creative agencies delivering full-service capabilities to global and local clients worldwide, according to management. “In our unique model, agencies choose to be part of an alliance with shared values and a common purpose: delivering value to our clients in every way and in every interaction to help them succeed with all their customers,” executives say. “We are not a random collection of agencies or disconnected dots on a map. All partner agencies were born of a passion for healthcare, rank in the top 5 in their market, and bring a deep understanding of local regulatory issues and legal mandates, with cultural insights only a native can deliver.

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BMKD Health: 2017

BMKD Health has “a contemporary perspective on healthcare communication and we take pride in understanding how people interact with it,” according to agency executives. “We have always demonstrated this by creating real experiences with meaningful outcomes. Our strong passion and dedication shows through a vested interest in every project and commitment we make. Our goal is to truly understand and realize our clients’ vision.”

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BullsEye Healthcare: 2017

Founded in 2007, BullsEye Healthcare LLC is a full-service independent communication company that focuses on finding insights and ideas and creating innovation for its clients. The agency’s intense focus on its business model has allowed BullsEye Healthcare to continue to add to its core offering and prosper over its decade of helping clients.

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Calcium: 2017

For Calcium, 2016 represented the agency’s strongest year to date, management says. At year’s end, revenue was up 30 percent over the previous year. Additionally, as of February 2017, execs predicted revenue that is 100 percent higher than the year before. Agency leaders attribute the stellar performance to organic growth with existing clients as well as several key new business wins.

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Carling Communications: 2017

Carling Communications continued to bring its “IT CAN BE DONE” philosophy to client relationships with the result being another year of unprecedented growth, according to agency management. Carling Communications added seven new clients with nine new brands, and hired nine new employees during 2016.

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CDM: 2017

CDM is changing, according to agency executives. They say after 34 years, the industry and creative powerhouse has revealed a new vision and branding that will unite all of its offices, from New York to Tokyo. This new identity taps into the driving force behind the agency’s recent creative and client successes: a passionate belief that every brand has the potential to create meaningful change in the world.

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Cello Health: 2017

“Cello Health has made significant progress implementing a clear strategic vision for expansion in the U.S. market and, in particular, enhancement of our early asset development and commercialization offering,” according to the network’s leaders. “Following a successful transition of all key businesses to the Cello Health brand in 2013, the Cello Health brand has become well established across our client base. This has facilitated more effective collaboration from within the business and incremental client engagement across our capabilities.”

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Centron: 2017

According to its leaders, winning the Manny for Agency of the Year, Category 3 in 2016 reinforced Centron’s commitment to multidisciplinary integration as the agency’s model for driving strategic excellence and delivering commercial results for clients. After a strong start in 2016 followed by a slight downturn in the latter half of the year, agency management also recognized the need to pause, reassess, and reaffirm everything from process to talent pool. Centron’s leaders say they strongly feel that a period of recalibration will re-energize the agency and position the team to best navigate the current flux in healthcare and take on what is next.

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Choreo Market Access: 2017

The ever-changing landscape of market access demands multifaceted support from a manufacturer’s marketing agency. Executives say Choreo Market Access, a Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG) and Omnicom company, brings together strategic consulting services – informed by front-line industry experience – with world-class creative execution, to offer insightful, responsive partnership in crafting and delivering communications to payers, institutions, and other market access stakeholders.

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Closerlook: 2017

Gone are the days when molecules were the only thing under the microscope in the pharmaceutical industry,” declare executives at closerlook. “Pressure from legislators, media and the public has pharmaceutical companies looking to cut costs, and marketing resources are often taking the brunt of cutbacks. At the same time, expectations for marketers have never been higher. A crowded marketplace puts more pressure on every launch, campaign and retention strategy. Marketers are being forced to do more with less. It’s time for marketers to invest in optimizing campaign results by using data and experience to determine digital strategy, and by honing execution using advanced reporting and analytics. It’s time for smarter marketing.”

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CMI/Compas: 2017

CMI/Compas is on a mission – not only its leaders, but every individual across the planning and buying organization’s seven offices – and the mission is clear: become the indispensable partner to each and every client.

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Concentric Health Experience: 2017

When discussing what makes Concentric Health Experience one of the industry’s hottest agencies, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Michael Sanzen sums it up in one word: Agile. “We like to say that we live in permanent beta,” Sanzen says. “We are driven to define change, not be defined by it.”

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Convergence Point Media: 2017

CPM achieved steady growth over the past year, maintaining or expanding its existing client roster while onboarding five new brand accounts, according to its leadership team. “Of note was the expansion of two enterprise relationships with major U.S. Rx portfolios, buttressed with incremental wins in the rare disease, GI, and women’s health categories,” execs note.

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DDB Health: 2017

Agency management declares 2016 as “the birth of a new force in the industry – DDB Health.” DDB Health united AgencyRx and Flashpoint Medica, two award-winning professional U.S. Omnicom Health Group agencies, into one agency with offices in New York City and San Francisco. The U.S. offering is part of a global network that includes DDB Health Germany in Munich, DDB Health Paris, and DDB Synergy, the scientific and medical education group with offices in London and Philadelphia.

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DiD: 2017

DiD is a 109-person-strong health and wellness agency located in the Philadelphia suburbs. After 13 years, executives say the agency has managed a robust mix of professional and consumer experience across OTC, device, prescription, and diagnostic engagements. According to agency leaders, DiD prides itself on growth fueled by client loyalty and word of mouth. “With an advertising budget of exactly $0, the company has nevertheless managed 35 percent growth during the past 18 months,” executives say. “That includes 18+ product launches in all four industry segments.”

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