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Dudnyk: 2017

According to agency leadership, 2016 was arguably the most successful year for Dudnyk to date, with greater than 30 percent growth in income and the highest total annual revenue posted in agency history. Executives say with unprecedented expansions to its client roster, talent pool, and physical space, the organization hit a stride it had never experienced before – yet the most important point of achievement this past year was not in financial growth, but in the agency’s ability to fully articulate its true purpose and vision for the future. This is aptly reflected in its new campaign.

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Elevate Healthcare: 2017

Elevating healthcare marketing is an ambitious mission, but former agency presidents and now agency founders Frank X. Powers and Lorna Weir say they are up for the challenge, dedicating their energies and futures to creating a healthcare marketing organization that elevates the brand value, sales performance, and reputation of their clients. According to Powers and Weir, they have created a company structure that meets the need for a new way of working with clients.

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Entrée Health New York: 2017

Driven by a clear vision, Entrée Health New York continued its steady expansion in 2016, more than replacing two accounts with a mix of pitched and organic growth. President Andrew Gottfried attributes this to a winning combination: “We’re proud of having a leadership group that has one of the longest tenures in the market access agency world. This management stability is supplemented by our annually refreshed Clarity Council advisory board, our ever-expanding payer KOL network, and the promising new talent we are able to bring in as we grow.”

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Entrée Health Princeton: 2017

Adaptation and growth were the key themes in 2016 for Entrée Health Princeton, executives say, who add that the market access agency continued a trajectory of attracting clients looking to find a way in for their products to reach patients and providers. “Those themes permeate the everyday business of the agency,” management says.

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Excitant Healthcare Advertising: 2017

According to agency leaders, Excitant saw an opportunity and pivoted to focus on small to medium-sized brands across the pharma, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic markets in 2015. “Our focus is on serving clients with brands with sales under $50 million, and the vast majority of our assignments are on brands with under $20 million in sales,” says Excitant President and CEO Mark Perlotto. “These small to medium-sized brands have significantly different needs from their agency partners in terms of strategy, agility, flexibility and cost efficiency. Those clients do not operate like ‘big pharma’ and they need an agency who understands that fact and approaches their brands accordingly while still providing the service and creativity needed to make their brand successful.”

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Evoke Health: 2017

Evoke Health finished 2016 celebrating its 10th year in business with double-digit year-over-year growth, eight new brand wins, and revenue surpassing $50 million for the second year in a row. Having come a long way from the small band of healthcare veterans and digital innovators that first founded the agency, Evoke rolled into 2017 with the confidence of an industry leader, according to agency managers.

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FCB Health: 2017

“When FCB Health was founded with 16 people in 1977, little did we know that 40 years later we’d be one of the largest and most successful healthcare agencies in the world, with more than 1,600 people leading the way in innovation, technology, behavioral science, data, and creativity,” executives say.

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Fingerpaint: 2017

2016 will be remembered as a milestone in Fingerpaint history, according to agency management. “It was a year of evolution and advancement, where changes were made to meet the challenges of the marketing landscape head on with a zeal and energy that told the world (and each other) that Fingerpaint is ready for whatever may come,” executives say. “With a new mantra to ‘Never paint by number,’ Fingerpaint planted its flag as the independent, people-first, client-investing, outside-the-line-creating, brand-activation machine.”

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GCG Marketing: 2017

GCG Marketing is a 43-year-old agency owned and managed by CEO Scott Turner and President Neil Foster. According to its leadership team, Foster has been the visionary behind the agency’s healthcare focus, which began during the 1980s but grew throughout the years and was formally defined in 2003.

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ghg | greyhealth group: 2017

ghg | greyhealth group had another consecutive year of growth, fueled by breakthrough, multichannel agency launch campaigns, innovative medical education, healthcare-access programs, and cutting-edge health IT. “As a recognized leader in partnering with medical affairs for ‘pre-commercialization,’ ghg achieved high growth in our scientific and value-based communications,” agency management says.

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Giant Creative Strategy: 2017

With growth in revenue, headcount, and clients, 2016 was a strong year for Giant. The largest independent healthcare agency in the West made significant strides in building its business with wins in emerging categories, including cancer immunotherapy, gene therapy, and molecular diagnostics.

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Greater Than One: 2017

For more than a decade, Greater Than One (GTO) has made a name for itself as one of the few agencies that truly understands health care as well as it understands digital channels that have, for so long, served as an agency dividing line, management says. Agency executives say it may come as a bit of a surprise that this pioneer in media and digital today derives more than three quarters of its revenue from higher-level work that includes AOR assignments, launches, strategy consulting, and conference experiences.

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GSW: 2017

GSW will celebrate a major milestone this year as the agency turns 40. GSW was founded in 1977 by Bob Gerbig, Chris Snell, and Rick Weisheimer, “three friends with long hair, wide ties, a baby blue VW, and one big, bright dream that’s still coming true: ‘Be big by acting small.’” According to current management, “Little did they know that GSW would grow into one of the largest healthcare advertising agencies in the world.”

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Harrison and Star: 2017

According to the leaders at Harrison and Star, even office supplies can be transformed into greatness. “A simple message of ‘HI’ spelled out in Post-it notes quickly turned into window art war between neighboring companies, grew into a worldwide phenomenon, and eventually became the centerpiece of a philanthropic effort on behalf of military veterans,” executives say. “The ability to turn mere pieces of paper into a global sensation is what sets Harrison and Star apart, and underscores its determination and ability to make the most of every opportunity.”

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Havas San Francisco: 2017

“2016 was not just another great year for Havas San Francisco. It was also a ground-breaking year for many of our clients too,” executives say. “With the launch of MS Voice, we ushered our anchor client Genentech into the social sphere by starting a record-breaking community for multiple sclerosis patients.”

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HCB Health: 2017

HCB Health celebrated its 15th anniversary during 2016, which represented its biggest year in revenue since being founded in 2001, managers say. The year started off with modest growth but, by the second quarter, it was a whirlwind of activity with a number of significant new business wins, adding even more growth for the agency.

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Healthcasts: 2017

Healthcasts lives at the pivotal intersection where leading physicians and medical brands share the latest knowledge on drug therapies to improve patient outcomes, according to company executives.

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HealthWork: 2017

During 2016, HealthWork redefined the agency’s mission: to create “Limitless Brands.”

“We took a look at the landscape of pharma marketing and saw that with the proliferation of treatments and products in every category, data was mattering less, and the power of creating a brand was mattering more,” says Denise Henry, associate partner, managing director of HealthWork. “So we believe in inspiring all of our clients with the ambition to build vibrant brands and have them express in limitless ways. Our quest to create Limitless Brands means that we think and create across audiences, across channels, across platforms, and push ourselves to think well beyond the traditional boundaries for pharma brands.”

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Heartbeat: 2017

Following the trend of remarkable success and annual growth, agency executives say 2016 became one of the most groundbreaking years in Heartbeat’s 19-year history as it continued to thrive and further magnify its mark on the healthcare marketing world. The agency reached unprecedented levels with historical highs in staff, number and size of clientele, and a 40 percent increase in revenue.

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Huntsworth Health: 2017

Huntsworth Health invests in innovative healthcare communications businesses and the talent that sets those businesses apart from their competitors, according to the network’s leaders.

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