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HYC Health: 2017

With five new clients, a 200 percent growth in staff and more than 40 creative award recognitions, 2016 was a big year for HYC Health. Add to that four brand launches and a strategic digital acquisition planned for 2017 and the agency finds itself well-poised to transcend even the most aggressive of expectations, management says.

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Intouch Solutions: 2017

Some agencies might find it easy to rest on their laurels after being named Agency of the Year, Category I, by Med Ad News in 2016. But the year proved to be anything but idle for this three-time Agency of the Year award winner, Intouch Solutions executives say.

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inVentiv Health Communications: 2017

In 2016, we engaged leaders around the pharmaceutical industry to understand their changing needs and expectations,” say executives at inVentiv Health Communications. “They said every aspect of our industry is shifting and changing, and marketing needs new tools to change with it. While the appetite for innovation and change is strong, the tolerance for risk is not. Fortunately, inVentiv Health Communications is uniquely suited to lead the evolution of marketing communications in healthcare.”

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Juice Global Network: 2017

When we hear the term ‘disruptive,’ it calls to mind companies like Uber, iPhone, Netflix – all representing breakthrough innovations that have challenged the status quo while simultaneously elevating standards and expectations for customer service,” says Lynn Macrone, founding partner of the JUICE Global Network (JGN).

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Juice Pharma Worldwide: 2017

“As the agency celebrates another great year with significant new business wins and expanded service offerings, we like to think that it’s our culture – what we call ‘the JUICE difference’ – that remains the driving force distinguishing us from any other company,” says Lois Moran, JUICE founding partner.

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LevLane Advertising: 2017

According to agency leaders, LevLane asks every new life sciences client this burning question: “Who Loves Ya?”

“Why is love so vital to our marketing conversation? Because through decades of successful engagements, LevLane has proven that when you give people that compelling reason to become active participants in your brand, they feel the love and put their money where their heart is,” executives say.

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Maricich Health: 2017

Maricich Health had an excellent year in 2016. Not only did the agency change its name as a simpler complement to the work the agency is producing for a variety of healthcare organizations and companies, but it launched several high-profile campaigns reaching polycultural healthcare audiences. Many of these audiences, specifically those households participating in multiple cultural experiences within and outside of their own heritage, are also in underserved groups that do not have access to high-quality care. “As an agency, we are doing our part to help educate these audiences, even in the times of uncertainty,” says Mark Maricich, CEO.

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McCann Echo: 2017

As Sonja “Sunny” Foster-Storch, president of McCann Echo, sat in a conference room to discuss what makes the agency stand out from the crowd, the caretaker in charge of maintaining the office’s many plants stealthily made her way into the room. Using great care, the woman sprayed each leaf of a towering tropical plant while simultaneously checking its health – a plant physical. She checked the soil with her fingertip and added a conservative amount of water from her watering can before leaving the room and moving to her next patient.

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McCann Health: 2017

In 2016, McCann Health once again achieved strong growth across the board winning significant new global and regional accounts, according to executives. “We are extremely proud and honored to have been named the 2016 Cannes Lions ‘Health Network of the Year,’” management says. “This award, from the best, most influential creative festival in the world, recognized McCann Health’s ability to perform and achieve the highest level of creativity in every office, in every country in its global network.”

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McCann Healthcare: 2017

The year 2016 was one of exciting transformation for McCann Healthcare, according to agency executives. “In a strategic move to create a unique cross-discipline offering, a new partnership was formed between two McCann Health North American agencies – McCann Healthcare, which specializes in marketing to the professional health community, and McCann HumanCare, a consumer health and wellness agency,” according to management.

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McCann HumanCare: 2017

Upon entering the McCann HumanCare offices on the 18th floor of 622 Third Avenue, visitors see the words “Brave, Curious, and Human.” According to the agency leadership team, “These are not just words printed on a banner. They make up the philosophy that has helped fuel another year of significant growth for McCann Health’s consumer health and wellness agency.”

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McCann Managed Markets: 2017

“After a groundbreaking year in 2015, we continued to grow and diversify our business in 2016,” according to executives at McCann Managed Markets. “Leveraging the power of the McCann Health platform, we expanded our client roster to include pharma giants like Janssen and Lilly that encompass important therapeutic categories like cardiovascular care and diabetes. It was also a year of bringing innovative and creative programs to life that help shape and define our culture and establish who we are as an agency.”

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McCann Torre Lazur: 2017

2016 was a pivotal year for McCann Torre Lazur (MTL), a McCann Health Company, which achieved double-digit growth. Early in the year, Amar Urhekar, president of McCann Health Americas, promoted Mark Willmann to president of MTL. In his first strategic move as president, Willmann appointed two new managing directors, Lauren Lewis and Pete Irizarry, and promoted Nicholas Megjugorac, PhD, to head of strategy. Marcia Goddard continued in her role as award-winning chief creative officer for MTL. Willmann emphasized, “collaboration and cohesiveness” as the guiding principles and reason for the agency’s rapid growth.

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MedThink Communications: 2017

“In the ever-changing and constantly expanding healthcare communications industry, few (if any) things are guaranteed,” say MedThink Communications execs. “MedThink Communications knows better than most that delivering on promises requires skin in the game. Taking it one step further, this agency is committed to providing clients with a 2:1 return on investment – guaranteed.”

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Merkle Health: 2017

Merkle Health is “a data-driven healthcare communications and performance marketing agency focused on helping the best healthcare brands in the world create competitive advantage through people-based marketing.” According to agency leadership, Merkle is leading the future of how health brands connect with patients, providers and payers.

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MicroMass Communications: 2017

In today’s healthcare environment, real-world outcomes and patient experiences are critical to a brand’s success, and according to leadership at MicroMass, conventional pharma solutions that focus solely on driving brand awareness and adoption through data and messaging are not enough. “These information-based approaches fall short of driving lasting changes in patient and provider behavior,” agency execs say. “In fact, research shows that information-based approaches are only effective 10 percent to 30 percent of the time.”

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Natrel Communications: 2017

In December of 2016, staff gathered in the agency’s kitchen to celebrate the launch of natrel’s rebranding, each person holding a natrel-branded balloon. After a collective shout of “3…2…1”, the sound of balloons bursting in air – and lots of laughter – filled the room, executives say. This moment capped off a week-long series of what General Manager Nicole Hyland described as “experiential brand teasers” – sights, sounds, tastes, and even smells around the agency designed to pique curiosity and generate excitement about the new branding.

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The Navicor Group: 2017

2016 marked another amazing year of growth for Navicor, according to its management team. Now in its 12th year, the oncology-focused agency and inVenitv Health company saw more than 50 percent financial growth over 2015 and increased its head count from 74 to 107 employees across two office locations.

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Neon: 2017

For Neon, “2016 was a fun and furious year.” According to managers, “We have held fast to our existing client base and have had the good fortune and fortitude to add 10 brands to the agency roster. Our creative work traveled the globe making inroads at every major global awards show as finalists and winners, and we have continued to deepen our talent pool by hiring more talent that puts us at capacity at 1400 Broadway.”

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Nitrogen: 2017

nitrogen is “a modern, global, smart, and nimble team that comprises 80 full-time staff across our offices,” according to management. “Through our ONE team approach, we are able to work as an integrated unit across strategy, creative, digital, and medical,” says Brian Marisch, managing director of the New York office. “This allows us to bring a unique perspective and value to our clients by building customized teams that are the right size for your business, especially as those needs change over time. We are committed to ensuring senior management resource is always deeply connected to your brand.”

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