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Med Ad News Announces Finalists for the 2019 Manny Awards and Names Industry Persons of the Year

Med Ad News revealed the nominees for the 30th Annual Manny Awards and named Calcium’s Steven Michaelson and Judy Capano as the 2019 Industry Persons of the Year.

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Top 10 Pipelines To Watch: 2019 Annual Report

The return on R&D investment for leading biopharmaceutical manufacturers fell to a nine-year low while the U.S. FDA approved a record-breaking amount of novel medicines during 2018.

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Medical Advertising Hall of Fame 2019

The Medical Advertising Hall of Fame honored 2019 inductees Carol DiSanto and Charlene Prounis on Feb. 7th at The Pierre in New York City.

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Healthcare Agency Roundtable 2018

Leadership representing the 2018 Manny Award agency and network winners and finalists share their views on various healthcare industry trends and developments.

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Sales and Marketing: Facts & Figures

Less than 8 percent of respondents to a research study of clinical trial participants felt that the potential negative consequences of data sharing outweighed the benefits.

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Top 50 Companies 2018: Notes & Methodology

For this 32nd annual special report, Med Ad News editors rank and profile the world’s top 50 companies that generate revenue from healthcare products.

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Amgen 2018: Company-wide transformation

From 2014 through year-end 2017, Amgen delivered $1.5 billion in transformation and process improvement savings that the company has reinvested in launching new medicines, advancing the product pipeline, and pursuing external business development opportunities.

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GlaxoSmithKline 2018: GSK’s next growth wave

GlaxoSmithKline management has embarked on the start of a new approach to R&D that aims to capitalize on the company’s assets within a promising early-stage pipeline.

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Company of the Year 2018 — Johnson & Johnson: Defining the future of healthcare

The executive management team of this “132-year-old startup” company is excited about a future that lies beyond the intersection of science and technology.

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Novartis 2018: Transforming into a focused medicines company

The long-term strategy of Novartis is concentrated on becoming a leading medicines company powered by data and digital.

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