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First Year After Launch Special Feature 2018: Don’t look back, someone might be gaining

The top performers of the launch class of 2016 have very little in common – aside from the fact that none of them came from a “classic” big pharma house.

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AR/VR Special Feature 2018: The agency perspective

Med Ad News spoke with Gene Fitzpatrick, senior VP of engagement strategy for Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, about the future of augmented and virtual reality in healthcare marketing.

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Med Ad News spoke with the authors of Prophet’s study of customer centricity in health care to find out more about their research and recommendations

Med Ad News spoke with the authors of Prophet’s study of customer centricity in health care to find out more about their research and recommendations.

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DTC Special Feature: Which color is it?

A recent study of DTC advertising appearing in the Journal of General Internal Medicine concluded that few broadcast ads are compliant with FDA’s guidelines. The reality, though, might not be so cut and dried.

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Agenda 2018 Special Feature: The song remains the same

The names of the tools may be changing, but the goal for brand managers remains the same in 2018: getting as close as possible to real patients and their needs.

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Special Feature: Ad-Ventures in Marketing X

For the tenth year, Med Ad News chose new Pharmaceutical Marketing Ventures to Watch that could change the way pharmaceutical products are marketed and sold.

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AbbVie 2017: Humira, And What’s Next

While the world’s leading prescription drug Humira still accounts for the majority of AbbVie’s revenue, plenty else is bubbling up at the almost-five-year-old company.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb 2017: Opdivo Steps Up

After years of hope and hype, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s centerpiece immuno-oncologic Opdivo is delivering the dollars.

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Gilead 2017: We Got Next

With sales of Harvoni and Sovaldi falling off, Gilead welcomed two new blockbusters to the company’s portfolio in 2016.

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Lilly 2017: A New Administration

New CEO David Ricks took over Lilly as the company continues to climb out of its post-Cymbalta/Zyprexa rut.

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Merck: Key(truda) To The Kingdom

Easily the fastest grower in Merck’s portfolio, the oncology drug Keytruda is piling up dollars and indications at an impressive rate.

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Teva: Too Many Cooks?

Now on its seventh CEO in the last 10 years and in danger of losing its most valuable branded product, Teva is searching for answers.

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Special Feature – First Year After Launch: The specialties win again

Just like 2016 and the year before, specialty drugs dominate the 2017 list of top performers in the most recent first year after launch class.

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First Year After Launch: Marketing Ibrance

Med Ad News asked Adrienne Morgan and Geetiksa Prasad, the account and copy leads for Ibrance at H4B Chelsea, about their agency’s work with Pfizer’s star breast cancer brand.

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Sales & Marketing: Behind biosimilars

ZS oncology experts Christina Corridon and Pavan Anne discuss their recent survey of physicians, payers, and pharmacy managers regarding attitudes toward biosimilars

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Sales & Marketing: Facts & Figures

Four in five oncologists have tried Zarxio/Granix, according to a new survey by ZS Associates. Of those, 48 percent prescribe the reference biologic more than the biosimilar, 43 percent prescribe the biosimilar more, and 8 percent have equal prescriptions for the reference biologic and the biosimilar.

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Interactive & Digital Marketing: Facts and Figures

Just 27 percent of physicians say they find pharma websites to be a credible source of professional information, according to a recent survey by Manhattan Research.

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DTC Special Feature: TV or not TV

Television as a marketing medium seems so, well, 1950s these days. Given the ubiquity of digital and mobile devices and the tracking and targeting opportunities they present, not to mention the lesser cost attached, blasting TV spots out to whomever might be watching could strike the uninformed as old-fashioned. But pharma’s top brand managers clearly don’t think so.

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Special Feature – Agenda 2017: Growing Up

Lurking behind all the sound and fury in the political realm, 2017 is bringing new opportunities to marketers that have nothing at all to do with orange hair. A whole generation of technologies are growing to maturity together – predictive targeting, virtual reality, behavioral science, interactive video, big data, and more – all of which are transforming the ways in which brands can communicate with their audiences. But of course politics will matter too in this Year One of the Trump administration, as the continuing debate over drug pricing and the impact of the new president’s policies on the pharma industry remain very much up in the ai

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8,000 miles for milk

Mixing milk with a socially minded marketing agency – AbelsonTaylor – and farmers in East Africa can make for impressive health benefits all around.

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