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International aid saves 700 million lives but gains at risk: report

International aid financing and innovation has helped to save nearly 700 million lives in the past 25 years, but those gains could be lost if momentum and political will wane, global health experts said.

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China overtakes U.S. for healthy lifespan: WHO data

China has overtaken the United States in healthy life expectancy at birth for the first time, according to World Health Organization data.

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Can living near a gym make you slimmer?

People who live close to gyms, pools and playing fields weigh less and have smaller waistlines than their counterparts residing farther away from exercise facilities, a UK study suggests.

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Chocolate makers innovate to entice health-conscious consumers

The world’s largest chocolate makers are looking for ways to keep increasingly health-conscious consumers coming back for more.

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IBM: Your Computer Can Help Scientists Study Connection Between Body Bacteria and Autoimmune Diseases

The general public’s help is being enlisted in what is believed to be the largest study of the human microbiome – the bacteria that live in and on the human body – and are believed to affect health.

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Global health price tag could be $371 billion a year by 2030, WHO says

Meeting life-saving global health targets by 2030 could require investments by donors and national governments of up to $58 per person per year, or $371 billion annually, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

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BioPharm Executive: Let’s Get Rid of Clinical Trials

We’re living in volatile times. If I were to put a positive spin on that, I’d say that we’re living in times where a lot of accepted ways of doing things are being questioned. And those questions can be healthy. Take the FDA, for example. Pretty much every new president pays at least some lip service to the idea of speeding up drug approvals, cutting red tape, and helping the life sciences become more innovative. But President Trump apparently seriously considered appointing Jim O’Neill or Balaji Srinivasan as FDA Commissioner. Both O’Neill and Srinivasan are associates of Silicon Valley libertarian/iconoclast Peter Thiel, and have argued that drugs should be approved on the basis of safety alone, with the “market” deciding on whether they’re effective. (Healthcare is hardly a market in the normal sense of the term, hence the quotes.) O’Neill in particular would have done away with most clinical trials altogether.

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Sanofi Delivers Robust Q1 2017 Financial Results

Sanofi’s net sales for first-quarter 2017 amounted to €8.65 billion, up 11.1% on a reported basis and 8.6% at CER, reflecting the acquisition of Boehringer Ingelheim’s CHC business and full consolidation of Sanofi’s European vaccine operations. At constant structure and CER, net sales for the 2017 first quarter were up 3.5% year over year.

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On your bike: Cycling to work linked with large health benefits

People who cycle to work have a substantially lower risk of developing cancer or heart disease or dying prematurely, and governments should do all they can to encourage more active commuting, scientists said.

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South Korea culls 50,000 farm birds as 2 new bird flu cases confirmed

South Korea has culled some 50,000 farm birds as two cases of bird flu were confirmed on Wednesday, bringing the country’s cull this winter to nearly 35 million – more than a fifth of all South Korean poultry – since a first bird flu case was found late last year. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food […]

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House panels to launch fight in Congress over Obamacare replacement

A potentially lengthy U.S. legislative fight over replacement of the Obamacare health law got underway as two House of Representatives committees begin negotiating over changes to a Republican plan backed by President Donald Trump.

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Kaiser Permanente Study Finds Testosterone Replacement Therapy Reduces Cardiovascular Risk Among Men with Androgen Deficiency

Men who used testosterone replacement therapy to treat symptoms of androgen deficiency had a 33 percent lower risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and stroke compared to those who did not receive any hormone therapy. The findings from the Kaiser Permanente study were published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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U.S. top court rejects patent licensing appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court turned away an appeal of a Maryland state court jury verdict ordering Boston Scientific Corp. to pay $308 million to a patent licensor.

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Data on Trevena’s opioid painkiller irks investors

Only some doses of Trevena’s experimental opioid painkiller were found as effective as morphine in two late-stage studies, though the drug met its main study goals.

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FDA rejects Amphastar’s nasal opioid overdose treatment

Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc. said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had rejected its application to market an intranasal version of the emergency opioid-overdose treatment, naloxone.

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This Tiny Biotech Grew 412% in 2016. A Look at Whether It Can Continue in 2017

Corbus Pharmaceuticals had a terrific 2016, with stock climbing 412 percent. Jim Crumly, writing for The Motley Fool, takes a look at the company and whether it can continue that trend for 2017.

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Sarepta Auctions Off Its Priority Review Voucher for Exondys 51 to Gilead for $125 Million

Cambridge, Mass.-based Sarepta Therapeutics won a Rare Pediatric Disease Priority Review Voucher from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration when Exondys 51 was approved for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The company announced that it had auctioned off its voucher for $125 million.

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‘Fasting-mimicking’ diet said to reduce risk factors for aging

Following a diet that mimics fasting may reduce risk factors for disease in generally healthy people, according to a small study.

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Interest in Nordic Nanovector’s NHL treatment

Norwegian biotech newcomer Nordic Nanovector, which seeks ways to treat blood-related cancers, says other companies are showing interest in buying the firm.

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Here’s Where Jobs in Shrinking Life Sciences Marketing Departments Are Headed

SCORR Marketing published the results of our third annual Health Sciences Marketing Trends Survey Report. While the report covers a broad range of information on marketing trends in our industry, one of the more notable findings is the shrinking size of marketing teams.

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