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Medical Advertising Hall of Fame 2017

Ryan Abbate and Mike Lazur were honored as the 2017 inductees for the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame black-tie event held on Feb. 22 at The Pierre Hotel in New York City.

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Lions Health Announces 2017 Jury Presidents

June Laffey of McCann Health is the 2017 Pharma Lions Jury President and Serviceplan Health & Life’s Mike Rogers is the Health & Wellness Lions Jury President.

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Special Feature – Agenda 2017: Growing Up

Lurking behind all the sound and fury in the political realm, 2017 is bringing new opportunities to marketers that have nothing at all to do with orange hair. A whole generation of technologies are growing to maturity together – predictive targeting, virtual reality, behavioral science, interactive video, big data, and more – all of which are transforming the ways in which brands can communicate with their audiences. But of course politics will matter too in this Year One of the Trump administration, as the continuing debate over drug pricing and the impact of the new president’s policies on the pharma industry remain very much up in the ai

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Special Feature: Interesting times for pharma sales reps

Despite the general anxiety over the impact of President Trump’s policies, when it comes to pharmaceutical sales forces, little of what he does will actually affect pharma sales-force strategies. The trends that are continuing to play out are declining rep access, the size of pharma sales forces, and the struggle with the concept of key account management, as well as trying to figure out how reps should be compensated.

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John Kamp: Industry peacekeeping with President Trump holds promise but portends danger

As a public official preparing for international negotiations, I was taught by the U.S. State Department to always know exactly what you want and what you’re willing to give up before sitting down with a skilled international trading partner. It looks like pharma representatives were well prepared recently when sitting down with the country’s new Negotiator-in-Chief, President Donald Trump, but they should be mindful that the other shoe has yet to drop.

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8,000 miles for milk

Mixing milk with a socially minded marketing agency – AbelsonTaylor – and farmers in East Africa can make for impressive health benefits all around.

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The right message at the right time: Seizing the seasonal marketing opportunity

Taking advantage of the moment – whether it’s a seasonal opportunity, such as allergies or the flu, or a moment of awareness, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Moment – challenges marketers to consider the marketing mix and the best ways to reach target audiences with brand messaging. Increasingly, with a spend approaching 10 percent of the $5 billion DTC market, pharmaceutical marketers are including POC as a key marketing strategy because they know that it works.

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Launching a drug on all cylinders – winning with digital

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” states time management guru Alan Lakein. Nowhere does this axiom ring more true than in the tightly controlled world of Rx launches. Given the time and expense required to bring a prescription drug to market, coupled with its limited exclusive lifespan, we must maximize every moment from market conditioning to loss of exclusivity (LOE).

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Making live video work for pharma

When it launched in February of 2015, Meerkat looked like it was going to be the hottest social application since Facebook. Two years later, Meerkat’s live-streaming platform is gone, taken down in the fall of 2016 after losing a battle for users with the similar (but Twitter-backed) platform Periscope. But although the players have changed, interest in live streaming has stuck around – and in some cases, grown quickly as users see the possibilities for it and existing social platforms begin adding it to their arsenal of features.

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Put your data to work!

In today’s world, consumers have come to expect personalized experiences – it is not a nice-to-have, but rather, a point of entry if you want to remain a competitive brand. At the crux of personalization is, you guessed it…data. Personalization can look like many things – an advertisement for a famous seafood restaurant in Miami, even though you live in Boston (but you did recently book a vacation to Miami?); or it might look like a kiosk in a drug store with a platform to stand on to find out your perfect in-sole thickness and density.

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Data is everywhere

Data is everywhere! And, as marketers, we should leverage data to improve our ability to reach the target audience that is most likely to be receptive to and engaged with our messages. As pharma marketers, we have a unique challenge, as the highly restrictive advertising landscape that we work within presents its own set of obstacles. But we’re up to the challenge; we know that if any industry can benefit from the ability to use data to increase the relevancy and results of digital campaigns, it’s the pharma industry.

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WPP launches WPP Health & Wellness, led by Global CEO Mike Hudnall

WPP, the global communications services group, has announced the formation of WPP Health & Wellness. The new sub-holding company unites WPP’s broad capability under one banner to significantly advance its offer and partnership with clients across the spectrum of health and wellness. WPP Health & Wellness is headed by Global CEO Mike Hudnall, a 20-year marketing veteran with deep experience in healthcare marketing and global client leadership.

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Industry veteran becomes new president of Centron Advertising

Celine Vita, a former executive at CDM, has been appointed president of Centron’s advertising division.

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New management team for FCBCure

Joe Soto and Steven Hebert have been appointed to the roles of co-managing directors for FCBCure, FCB Health’s New Jersey office.

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New talent officer for McCann Health

McCann Health has appointed Geline Midouin to global chief talent officer.

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Pharmapalooza 9

On February 9, Pharmapalooza – the annual healthcare agency battle of the bands event to benefit The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) – hit the stage at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill in Times Square.

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Intouch Solutions and Healthware International Create Global Joint Venture

Intouch Solutions and Healthware International signed a definitive agreement to share ownership of a new joint venture that will serve the needs of life science clients worldwide.

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Consulting at McCann Health Appoints New Leadership in London and New York

Consulting at McCann Health, part of McCann Health, announced the appointment of two new leaders.

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WPP launches WPP Health & Wellness

WPP announced the formation of WPP Health & Wellness, a new sub-holding company that unites WPP’s broad capability under one banner to significantly advance its offer and partnership with clients across the spectrum of health and wellness.

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WPP to include OCHWW, S&H, GHG and CMI/Compas under new operating company

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, Sudler & Hennessey, GHG, and Compas to be included in a new operating division called WPP Health & Wellness.

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