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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Eyeforpharma 2018 Doubles Down on Digital

In 2018, digital healthcare is not only a key topic, it’s being talked about and promoted as a lynchpin for effective communication, engagement and outcomes.

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Agencies Should Tell Less, Listen More

In today’s world of healthcare advertising and marketing, should agencies do less telling and more listening? The answer is yes, according to new data on how well healthcare marketers think their agencies listen.

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Disruption, Explained

The theory and practice of overturning marketing conventions.

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Siri Speaks: The Human Behind the Voice of Siri – and How Marketers Can Benefit from Voice Recognition Technology

We usually see Siri spelled in caps and lower case as if she is a real person instead of a phone application. But SIRI is in fact an acronym for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface.

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Five Key Digital Insights for Your Brand from Digital Pharma West

From the latest in VR to imaginative Social Engagement approaches, here are Ben Putman’s Top Five Digital Marketing takeaways for 2017.

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What Healthcare Marketers Can Learn from Netflix

A recent article in the New York Times, headlined Netflix Lets Viewers Pick the Plot, tells how the video streaming behemoth is creating content with an interactive twist.

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Why Pharma Marketers Need a Mobile Video Strategy: Five Things to Consider

“Mobile first” media strategies have gained a full head of steam in almost all advertising categories, with Pharma being one of the few exceptions.

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Klick Hired to Rebrand Santa in Satirical New Holiday Video

When Santa Claus threatens to cancel Christmas, the entire Klick team kicks into high gear to reinvent one of the world’s most iconic brands and save the holidays.

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With apps and the Internet, you can’t access what you can’t find

More time is now spent on the Internet through smartphones than on PCs; that includes both work and leisure time. But it’s not necessarily easier to connect with your customers.

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Intouch Solutions Hosts Event to Celebrate New York Expansion

NEW YORK (June 23, 2016) – Intouch Solutions, a leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, hosted a special evening celebration on Friday, June 17, to commemorate its New York expansion into new, larger office space. The event, called ‘Celebration on 7th Avenue,’ brought together Intouch associates, clients, partners and other special guests to enjoy […]

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HCB Health Presents: Mobilegeddon Survival Guide

Good news! Google is getting better at serving up results that you actually care about. The bad news? If you haven’t adapted your website for mobile viewing, you are likely being penalized in the search rankings. What does this mean? And what can you do about it? HCB Health has put together a free “survival […]

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