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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Special Report: Top 10 Pipelines 2017

There was a significant drop-off in NME approvals by FDA in 2016, but there were not enough new drug applications with user fee goals to reach the lofty 2015 total.

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Top 50 Companies Overview: Pipelines & Pricing

The amount of new drug approvals in 2015 was the FDA’s highest total since 1950 due in part to revamped pipelines, but a tough future looms as the grumblings over pricing have risen to a roar.

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Annual Report: Top 200 Medicines

AbbVie’s biologic therapy Humira for autoimmune diseases was the worldwide prescription-drug sales leader in 2015 for the fourth consecutive calendar term.

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Annual Report: State of the Bio Industry

The outlook remains bright due to a favorable regulatory arena, support for biopharma-friendly legislation and development incentives, expanding scientific opportunities in key therapeutic areas such as immuno-oncology, and big pharma’s continued push to obtain innovation.

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Special Report: Healthcare Agency Roundtable

Executives from the 2015 and 2014 Manny Award winners and finalists share their views on a variety of industry-related topics.

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Top 200 Medicines — Special Report

Humira during 2014 remained the world’s best-selling prescription medicine; Sovaldi vaulted into second place in its first full year on the market; Harvoni is challenging Humira for the 2015 sales crown.   The precipitous patent cliff of 2012 assaulted Big Pharma to the tune of up to $53 billion worth of prescription drug sales potentially […]

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Top 100 Biotechnology Companies Special Report: The Acquisition Game

  M&A activity throughout the industry is helping the biotechnology world soar to new heights.     The U.S. biotechnology arena is undergoing a record-breaking M&A cycle for the industry. After generating M&A activity valued at $235 billion during 2014, the U.S. biotech sector produced more than $100 billion in deals during first-quarter 2015. Industry […]

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Top 10 Pipelines

ANNUAL REPORT Biologic medicines and immunotherapy are front and center amongst many of the R&D strategies and platforms for the industry’s leading developers.   The Top 10 Pipelines special report returns to Med Ad News with a face-lift after a 2014 hiatus. Past renditions selected one company amongst a variety of 10 categories such as […]

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Drug Delivery Review And Outlook

Click to download the PDF to view the full issue Industry Growth To Continue Through New Technologies Report Overview: The worldwide drug-delivery arena is growing each year as the increasing aging population is in need of improved methods of administration for products and therapies. Drug-delivery industry growth is being led by the United States as […]

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Global Contract Manufacturing Companies: Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology

Click to download the PDF to view the full issue Contract manufacturing is a strategic option for many companies Report Overview: From big pharma to smaller specialty entities, contract manufacturing serves as a strategy for various industry players. Significant factors driving market growth include continued efforts to cut costs, outsourcing by pharma companies of non-core […]

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OTC Review And Outlook

Click to download the PDF to view the full issue Global growth being driven by emerging markets The global market for consumer-care products generated slower growth in 2010 than during the previous year, partially because of a weaker flu season in North America and Europe. However, emerging markets for OTC products continue to expand, lead […]

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M&A, Partnerships And Collaborations

Click to download the PDF to view the full issue Review of 2010 and Outlook Report Overview: Big Pharma started the new decade where it left off in 2009 by continuing to conduct a flurry of deals amongst each other and with many other types of companies throughout the healthcare industry. The rampant pace of […]

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