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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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2015 Annual Report: Healthcare Communications Agencies Overview – Growth In Unexpected Places

As the pipelines of their pharmaceutical and biotech clients continue to yield new drugs for patients, agencies are also seeing their business grow.

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2015 Annual Report: Top 10 Pipelines

Biologic medicines and immunotherapy are front and center amongst many of the R&D strategies and platforms for the industry’s leading developers.

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2014 Annual Report: Top 50 Companies Overview – Back From The Brink

The industry’s patent cliffs have become less steep, but the Affordable Care Act will give pharma new challenges.

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2014 Annual Report: Healthcare Communications Agencies Overview – Change, And Change Again

Fluidity was the state of pharmaceutical advertising in 2013, as agencies shifted their operations, personnel, and tactics to meet the needs of their clients, driven by the pace of digital.

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Drug Delivery Review And Outlook

The worldwide drug-delivery arena is growing each year as the increasing aging population is in need of improved methods of administration for products and therapies.

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Global Contract Manufacturing Companies: Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology

From big pharma to smaller specialty entities, contract manufacturing serves as a strategy for various industry players.

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OTC Review And Outlook

The global market for consumer-care products generated slower growth in 2010 than during the previous year, partially because of a weaker flu season in North America and Europe.

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M&A, Partnerships And Collaborations

Big Pharma started the new decade where it left off in 2009 by continuing to conduct a flurry of deals amongst each other and with many other types of companies throughout the healthcare industry.

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