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HBA: Accelerating Gender Intelligence webinar series

The HBA is pleased to announce a new three-part webinar series, Accelerating Gender Intelligence.

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Enabling Digital Transformation With a Seamless and Secure Digital Experience

Hear from featured guest Merritt Maxim, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, about the 6 key customer-centric objectives that every organization should be tackling.

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Same Condition, Different Costs: Should Patients Pay Different Amounts?

The National Pharmaceutical Council will host a webinar, “Same Condition, Different Costs: Should Patients Pay Different Amounts?” to discuss the practical realities of different cost-sharing models for prescription drugs.

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Analyze the Pill Burden Domino Effect on Healthcare Known as Polypharmacy

Understand the meaning and implications of polypharmacy and the issues it causes for patient adherence; Discover policies, technologies and procedures that can eliminate or reduce the effects of polypharmacy ensuring quality outcomes; Highlight issues Pharmacist Partners, as an organization, has remedied and the technology they utilize to decrease overuse or underuse of medication

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Hepatocytes in the Drug Development Pipeline

Lonza is hosting a free 60-minute webinar on March 21, 2017, titled “Hepatocytes in the Drug Development Pipeline.”

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Kickstart Your GDPR Planning: Part 1

Join Lewis Barr, General Counsel and VP of Privacy at Janrain and Eleanor Treharne-Jones, VP Consulting at TRUSTe for the first installment of our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) webinar series.

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Advancing New Healthcare Business Models: Accelerating Innovation

This webinar will focus on the importance of value proposition design (through the lens of the customer) and its applications to healthcare organizations. It will address how this is the foundational step for creating transformative healthcare business models. Participants will gain exposure to several design thinking tools that can be applied immediately.

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HBA Celebrates International Women’s Day: A Virtual Summit

The agenda will feature speakers who will share what achieving gender parity means to them, as well as highlight the groundbreaking work being done at large organizations.

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Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

In this participatory workshop, participants will learn to convey information in a way that can be heard, digested and applied moving forward, creating a positive environment that fosters learning and receptivity to feedback.

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10 Ways Building Gender Partnerships Ignites Your Career

For maximum career success, leaders need to partner with both women and men to overcome bias and get ahead. Learn how to partner with men and women so that all succeed.

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Avoid Three Common Career Mistakes Professional Women Make

Join HBA for this interactive webinar where you will learn how to avoid the three most common career mistakes professional women make when balancing a family.

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HBA Career Conversation 12 – Raising Your Leadership Voice

Every female leader needs to have an authentic, strong leadership voice to ensure success in any conversation. Join HBA for this 12th program in the Career Conversation series.

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Marketing in a Digital World

Join the GTO Group for a free webinar exploring how marketing, media, design, and technology are converging in order to effectively reach and empower patients, caregivers, and HCPs.

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Career Conversation 11 – Conflict Management (HBA)

Webinar: Career Conversation 11 – Conflict Management Tue, Jun 7, 2016 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM How do you keep your professional “cool” when conversing with an irrational person? Join us for the 11th program in the Career Conversations webinar series to learn how.       Event Time Zone: Eastern Time Event Type: Program […]

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Account Based Marketing: B2B Trends & Best Practices

Join ZoomInfo and SiriusDecisions for a webinar on Thursday, May 5 at 2pm ET/11am PT, to hear key ABM trends from the SiriusDecisions’ 2016 State of Account Based Marketing Survey and understand the process for how best-in-class organizations design, develop and execute on account-based marketing.   Register at:    

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9 Mistakes That May Be Hurting Your Sales & Marketing Campaigns

There are many sales prospecting methods that exist nowadays, including email, social media, and cold calling, just to name a few. But are the methods you’re using hurting you more than helping?

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Career Conversation on Inclusive Leadership

Registration is now open for Career Conversation 10 – Inclusive LeadershipMarch 1 – 12:00 PM ET – Webinar   What does it mean to be an inclusive leader, and why is inclusiveness important? What are the potential business benefits associated with an inclusive work environment or leadership style? And how can business professionals develop/strengthen their […]

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Lonza to Host Mycoplasma Webinar

Cologne (Germany) / Walkersville, MD (USA), 23 February 2016 – Lonza has announced that it will host a free 60-minute webinar on 8 March 2016 titled “Mycoplasma – Uncover the Hidden Enemy in Cell Culture.” Mycoplasma contamination poses a considerable threat to cells in culture – and to the researcher it brings the potential loss […]

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HBA Metro presents: LinkedIn: What’s New? What’s Hot?

This webinar will help you understand what LinkedIn can and cannot do for you. You will learn about recent LinkedIn developments and how they can benefit your profile, and how to keep track of LinkedIn as it continues to evolve.

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TrialScope: Upcoming U.S. And EU Clinical Trial Disclosure Regulations

Join TrialScope’s Chief Strategy Officer, Thomas Wicks and Senior Product Specialist, Matt DeFranco, for a timely discussion of how life sciences teams can prepare for these changing requirements.

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