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Opposites attract: Blurring the lines between small and large molecule manufacturing

This whitepaper assesses the current state of the large molecule sector, and how it may be able to learn from the small molecule industry in terms of its supply chain support infrastructure, as well as its acquisition of staff and the adoption of PAT.

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Tipping Points of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

The American Health Policy Institute (AHPI) released “’Tipping Points’ of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance,” which examines various factors that could impact broad-based employer-provided health coverage.

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The Science Behind Biosimilars – Entering a New Era of Biologic Therapy

The American College of Rheumatology published a new white paper, “The Science Behind Biosimilars – Entering a New Era of Biologic Therapy,” providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific, clinical, economic and prescribing issues pertaining to biosimilar use, including efficacy, competition and drug pricing.

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“Not All Amyloid Beta Therapeutics Are Created Equal”

ProMIS Neurosciences Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of precision treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, announced it has issued a new scientific white paper entitled: ‘Not all Amyloid Beta Therapeutics are Created Equal’.

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Personalized Medicine and Value Assessment Frameworks: Context, Considerations, and Next Steps

In this white paper, PMC contends that most value assessment frameworks could unintentionally undermine the health care community’s push toward more personalized care.

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2017 U.S. Trends in Aggregate Spend, Disclosure and Transparency

With the focus shifting away from the end reporting, companies have continued to invest in systems and processes that manage “upstream” relationships with healthcare providers and consultants, recognizing that the greater compliance risks center around these relationships than on the reported spend itself.

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Maximizing Disease and Product Education Efforts in a Digital World

A combination of regulatory conditions, shifts in physician workplace demographics, and an increased reliance of highly specialized sales personnel has steadily eroded the traditional sales reps’ responsibilities and ability to manage the HCP practice relationship as a true SPOC.

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QuintilesIMS white paper: Large benefit for small numbers

The good news … is that innovation is addressing diseases with high-unmet need such as oncology, autoimmune diseases, and central nervous system (CNS) disorders. But, there is a complicating factor in the economic story: the patient population benefiting from launch brands is becoming smaller.

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Health Care Trends Impacting Organized Provider Groups

The white paper explores trends and market forces affecting organized provider groups (OPGs) and identifies opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers to partner with OPGs to develop mutually beneficial programs addressing areas of shared interest.

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The Rule of Three: Mapping Physician Engagement

Understanding the nuances behind why a physician makes a decision regarding an information source when making a clinical decision is key to learning the best way to deliver content that will prompt an engagement.

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Results from recent Alzheimer’s disease trials validate the ProMIS approach

ProMIS Neurosciences announced it has issued a scientific white paper entitled “Results from recent Alzheimer’s disease trials validate the ProMIS approach.”

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Pharma & Biotech 2017 – Review of outsourced manufacturing

Overall, the prospects for the sector remain strong, linked to the expected growth in healthcare. There is a strong case for investment in particular segments, subject to appropriate valuation and due diligence. This report highlights some of the trends that should be in the minds of CEOs, CFOs and investors.

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The Great DTC Shake-Up: Patient insights on direct-to-consumer advertising

“The DTC Attitudes, Behaviors, and Preferences Survey” shows that patients are becoming increasing disengaged with DTC advertising despite spend by pharma increasing.

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Digital Health Set to Change Provider and Patient Marketing Efforts

Digital Health solutions are still mostly driven by marketing departments, whether they be novel devices that alter the way we treat rare diseases or commonplace wearable bands that track our activity.

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PBMs’ Attack on Physician Dispensing and Impact on Patient Care

A White Paper from the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) looks at recent moves by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to increase corporate profits by declaring all physician dispensing to be out-of-network.

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Meeting current and future serialization challenges

A white paper from Aesica, a leading pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for both APIs and finished dosage forms.   Serialization has emerged as a complex challenge for the pharmaceuticals sector,, which is facing a multiplicity of differing regulations that vary from one country to another. Several countries including China, South Korea, Turkey, […]

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Money Talks: Social Media and Inflation Penalties for Generic Drugs

A white paper by Robert Blank, Senior Consultant, Alliance Life Sciences   In November 2015, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 was signed into law, bringing with it a host of changes for the scope and structure of a variety of governmental programs. One such affected entity is the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program. This amendment […]

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Lessons from Latham & Watkins’ Representation of Pacira

FDA rescinds warning letter and admits to incorrect interpretation of drug’s labelling. What can the life sciences industry learn?

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Orchestrated Customer Engagement

This white paper defines, describes, and documents the journey Life Sciences organizations may take to move from MCM and OCM to OCE.

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Technology Enabling Pharma Sales Force in Transforming Practice of Medicine to Science of Medicine

Mobile technology can give Pharmaceutical companies the boost it needs to improve marketing effective­ness and sales performance.

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