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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

CDM Princeton LLC: 2016

Written by: | | Dated: Monday, April 25th, 2016

CDM Princeton LLC

210 Carnegie Center, Suite 200

Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: 609-936-5600





Account wins            9

Active business clients       8


Brands by 2015 sales

Brand product accounts held        20

$50 million to $100 million 7

$100 million to $500 million          4

$500 million to $1 billion    4



Services Mix

HCP   60%

DTP    25%

DTC    10%

Market Access          5%


Print    35%

Interactive     65%



Client Roster


Ferring Pharmaceuticals



Novo Nordisk


Teva Pharmaceuticals

Sun Pharmaceuticals



Two years ago, CDM Princeton created a mission that inspired the agency and clients to think and behave differently. According to its leadership, CDM Princeton committed to guiding specialty brands through the complex ecosystem of influencers to inspire healthier outcomes.

“Based on the dynamically changing healthcare environment, influence can come from almost anywhere,” says Chuck Wagner, president of CDMP. “Clients are looking for an agency that understands and can unite specialists, payers, advocacy, patients, and caregivers in meaningful ways.”   

“The best part about working at CDMP is that we are a collection of influencer experts who have the courage and curiosity to make better connections among all healthcare stakeholders,” says Craig Romanok, associate partner and director of client services.


The year’s accomplishments

“Last year was all about the power of our people,” executives say. Two of three wins at the end of 2015 came from existing or previous client relationships. According to agency leaders, Ferring reached out to CDMP because the brand manager was looking to repeat a previously good experience with an agency staff member. “Overwhelmingly impressed by our capabilities and the digital ecosystem we created, they named CDMP the digital AOR for Firmagon,” executives say. “This win revealed one of the best-kept secrets in the industry – we don’t do digital, we are digital.”

Executives say the second win leveraged the agency’s strong, seven-year relationship with Shire. CDMP partnered with CDM Barcelona to create a compelling story for Natpara, which according to executives challenged the standard of care in hypoparathyroidism.

“And for an exciting end to the year, Sun Pharmaceuticals became our newest client, winning with an inspiring story that we created for their pending biologic treatment for psoriasis,” executives say.

Earlier in 2015, the agency launched Vyvanse, the first treatment approved for adults with binge eating disorder. This branded campaign launched on the heels of an equally emotional and award-winning disease state education campaign to help physicians recognize and understand binge eating disorder, executives say.

“Working with Shire, we established the creative look and feel for their new Ophthalmic Business Unit,” executives say. “Shire wanted to convey their exploratory nature to optometric and ophthalmic specialists, and let them know an innovative product was on the horizon, without mentioning the product or even the disorder. The resulting campaign was featured at AAO and AAOPT. The forward-thinking and eye-catching work went beyond the booth, appearing prominently throughout the convention cities and around the convention sites. This work received resounding accolade and AAO recognized Shire as a standout at the convention.”

The “Mom Nose Best” campaign for AstraZeneca’s FluMist hit just before the 2015 flu season did, executives say. According to agency leaders, ethnographic research revealed a better way to connect with moms, which allowed them to have deeper conversations with their healthcare providers about flu protection options.

The agency was also recognized at the MM&M awards for another AZ brand, Synagis, for the creation of Coordinator Corner. “Designed to educate Synagis coordinators about the Synagis referral process, Coordinator Corner simplifies the process of educating, certifying, and linking coordinators to each other,” executives say.

CDMP continued to do innovative work for Novo Nordisk’s Novoeight, agency leaders say. “At the National Hemophilia Foundation Conference, the agency brought the experience of a children’s museum to the convention,” executives say. “Designed, engineered, and built from scratch, kinetic stations allowed for brand engagement with hands-on activities that brought to life the three pillars of the brand: portability, reliability, and purity.”

After being awarded agency of record for four of Teva’s oncology brands last year, the agency launched Bendeka for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, agency leaders point out.

“Finally, Ashley Schofield, managing partner and executive creative director, was asked to judge the 2015 Cannes Lions Health Awards (at which the CDM Group was named Network Agency of the Year),” executives say.


Structure and services

 “In keeping with our mission and looking to become the agency of the future, we continued to expand our Strategic Services Department and the specialists we have on staff,” says Jill Beene, managing partner and director of strategic services.

Last year the agency hired a Ph.D. in oncology and an M.D. with dual practice experience in psychiatry and obstetrics/gynecology. “They are in good company, joining an M.D. in endocrinology and a Ph.D. in neuropsychology,” executives say.

According to agency leaders, “a digital revolution” has been taking place at CDMP over the past year. “Processes, programs, training, and talent morphed to stay ahead of the digital curve,” executives say. “We abandoned Photoshop in favor of Sketch and adopted InVision for Web and mobile prototyping. We use Float to manage digital workflow. We rolled out advanced digital training to every employee. With more than 65 percent of our work in the digital space, we are fully dedicated to processes and platforms that ensure that how we get the job done is just as cutting edge as the job itself.”  

CDMP “significantly” increased its Digital department in 2015, launching dozens of digital initiatives, from a complete redo of the IA and design of the FluMist Quadrivalent consumer website, to complex cost calculators and patient programs, to rethinking and re-programming the iDetails for the Gilead HIV franchise, according to agency leaders. “Additionally, we developed a holistic ecosystem of websites for each stakeholder involved in the Synagis prescribing process,” executives say.

CDMP has experts in managed markets, advocacy, media, consumer, as well as in the realm of patients and healthcare professionals. “Close collaboration and integration of these disciplines enables CDMP to truly deliver the special strategic and creative care complex brands require,” Schofield says.


Future plans

2016 will be a year of additional growth and refinement, according to agency leaders. CDMP “will keep expanding its digital footprint, partnering with the newest CDM Group offering, iVentures Health, to bring innovative solutions to our clients,” executives say. “A commitment to professional and personal growth also remains at the heart of CDMP, with learning and development opportunities for all employees.”



CDMP continues its commitment to local organizations working to make a difference in the community, executives say. In 2015, CDMP once again partnered with the Jett Foundation, Autism New Jersey, and HomeFront.


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