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closerlook inc.: 2016

Written by: | | Dated: Monday, April 25th, 2016

closerlook inc.

212 West Superior Street, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 312-640-3700

Services Mix
Digital 75%
Strategy 15%
Video 10%


Leaders at closerlook note that the pharmaceutical industry is in flux. “Forces outside the pharmaceutical industry – and inside pharmaceutical companies themselves – demand that marketers change the way they promote their products,” executives say. “Lacking the right guidance and support, many pharma companies will simply continue current tactics rather than adapt to change. But there’s a smarter way.”

According to executives, closerlook inc. is a digital marketing agency that can help pharmaceutical marketers build better relationships with their best customers. “We take a practical approach to innovation that folds future planning into the processes that are already working,” executives say.

closerlook offers clients full-service creative and strategic solutions to support everything from full campaigns to single tactics, executives say. closerlook has also built a suite of analytics-driven digital marketing solutions to help pharma brands effectively target and connect to healthcare professionals. “We turn data into actionable insights that inform campaign and tactical executions,” executives say. “We measure the results of those decisions across all channels and help clients adjust their strategy and tactics while those changes can still make a difference.”

closerlook develops product offerings that both increase customer insight – through new technology, data collection, in-depth analysis, and reporting – and then improve marketing communication with customers through responsive, content-rich campaigns that are integrated across a wide range of channels, agency leaders say. Through the right combination of software and services – strategy, creative, analytics, technology, and client service – closerlook enables enterprise-level relationship marketing and brand-level digital marketing.

The year’s accomplishments

“The practice of digital marketing for the pharmaceutical industry, and the way it is bought and sold, continues to grow more complex as new channels, partners and technologies work their way into our business,” agency leaders say. “closerlook created new specialties within our broader strategy competency to provide the counsel our clients need as their industry evolves.”
For example, the Digital Strategy practice, led by David Droll, senior director, digital strategy, is further developing and expanding the agency’s multichannel marketing planning services. The Pharmaceutical Marketing Consulting practice, led by Pete Clancy, VP, strategy, offers internal teams valuable context on clients’ goals and challenges, adding additional relevance and support for the recommendations the agency makes to clients.

In the analytics practice, Jeff Buchheit came on board as director of analytics to drive the development of new analytical offerings and the delivery of actionable insights for clients.

According to executives, closerlook’s 2015 portfolio also reflects achievements across all stages of the brand life cycle, with projects completed for pre-launch, launch and mature brands in both primary and specialty care markets including diabetes, mental health, rheumatology, gastroenterology, cardiovascular health, sleep disorders, wound care, urology, and oncology.

In one representative non-personal promotion campaign, closerlook maximized the prescribing potential of select physicians by creating targeted tactics across all channels, executives say. The campaign generated highest click-through and open rates across all promoted brands, surpassed only by launch products, with greater than 5,000 incremental TRx generated within the first 6 months and 40 percent over original goal for sample request form submissions

closerlook also introduced a Multi-channel Marketing Reporting offering that had impressive results, according to agency leaders. “With the consistency and processes built into one template, our reporting solutions have made managing the performance and optimization of marketers’ digital reporting approximately 90 percent more efficient,” executives say.

Structure and services

To deliver on its promise of greater customer intelligence and access, closerlook cultivates a highly collaborative culture and work ethic in which experts in strategy, analytics, creative, technology and client service work together to deliver a range of technology-enabled offerings.

These offerings include the Backstage Relationship Marketing Technology Suite; Target Clarity HCP Adoption Analysis; Multi-channel Marketing Reporting; Multi-channel Marketing Campaigns; interactive articles; and the BrandPro, DiseaseStatePro, and Patient Connect websites.

The Backstage Marketing Technology Suite helps clients manage their RM efforts with data-driven insight and action. Data management and integration is handled by Backstage CRM, while Backstage Web offers clients a rapidly deployable, feature-rich framework for building responsive HCP websites. To open the lines of communication between sales and marketing, Backstage® Rep Connect feeds valuable customer-level marketing interaction data to Sales Representatives in the field.

Target Clarity offers insight into the capacity of specific HCPs to prescribe a particular product, placing them in distinct groups of increasing brand awareness based on a mix of predictive modeling and behavioral and demographic factors. This advanced predictive analytics tool creates new target lists that lead to encourage growth, increase brand loyalty and prevent sales loss.

Multi-channel Marketing Reporting allows marketers to get a meaningful look at how their marketing activity is performing while they can still do something about it. Through a combination of analytics, strategy, and technology, closerlook aggregates reporting across all channels to reveal actionable insights that drive effective engagement. “We empower marketers to monitor in real-time and help optimize their budgets by redefining targeting methods based on actual, real-time segment behaviors,” executives say.

closerlook develops multi-channel campaigns that allow marketers to find their customers and move them toward greater commitment by providing increasingly relevant content as they get to know those targets. The agency creates immersive interactive articles that engage users through a blend of video, animation and data visualization to present brand messaging in novel ways. Each action is tracked to accurately measure the level of engagement and interest in key brand messages. And the BrandPro, DiseaseStatePro and PatientConnect website frameworks allow closerlook to build robust, responsive websites that offer easy access to HCPs and patients, and are flexible, customizable, and focused on supporting multi-channel relationship marketing.

Future plans

According to agency leaders, smarter marketing means never being content with current capabilities and offerings. closerlook is continuing to invest in acquiring top-tier talent and develop forward-thinking offerings to supports client’s marketing efforts at every level. In 2016 the agency is launching two major new efforts: Backstage Duet and closerlabs.

Backstage Duet is an advanced analytics and insight discovery application that is expected to help pharmaceutical organizations gain a deeper understanding of their audience and marketing campaign performance. Backstage® Duet’s easy-to-use cloud-based interface provides marketers with customer-level insight to enable smart campaign optimization.

Closerlabs is an internal incubator to develop creative and technological solutions ahead of usual project remits to deliver groundbreaking work for \ clients.


Agency executives say closerlook understands that the rapidly changing healthcare landscape requires everyone to reconsider the world around them. “It’s important to team with partners who share your passion and vision,” executives say. “This creates a network of support dedicated to developing a brighter future for our entire community.”
In 2015 closerlook supported the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America and became a corporate sponsor of MATTER CHICAGO, dedicated to incubating the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs.

CEO David Ormesher continues his leadership of Bigger Future, a nonprofit business and leadership-training program based in Rwanda, and serves on several boards including MATTER, the Lurie Children’s Hospital Foundation, physIQ, the Poetry Foundation, and the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

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