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Centron Repositions with New Executive Team

Written by: | | Dated: Monday, September 18th, 2017


Healthcare Communications Agency Centron Repositions Itself with New Executive Team of Industry Leaders Shaping New Vision and Offerings


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Centron, an integrated healthcare communications agency with 12 years of industry success, announced today it has officially repositioned the company with a new vision, new offering, and new leadership team. The new vision will allow Centron to accelerate client performance and deliver industry-leading ideas and solutions in a changing healthcare environment.

The Centron repositioning has been shaped by the executive team: Celine Vita, President; Meredith Pugh, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer; and Carolyn O’Neill, Chief Creative Officer. The team of Vita, Pugh, and O’Neill have a shared track record of success and leadership at large agency networks, and have reunited at Centron to create a new partnership model that cuts through complexity and focuses on performance-driven strategies, creativity, and seamless execution.

“The repositioning of Centron is a recalibration of the way we do business, based on what we’ve seen in the industry as overly engineered, unnecessarily complex approaches to brand marketing that favor noise over measurable success,” said Centron President Celine Vita. “For our clients, Centron will embrace clarity and simplicity for optimal efficiency, putting strategy at the center of everything we do, helping them focus on what’s essential to move their brand forward and make a measurable difference.”

Centron offers full-service healthcare communications across specialty brands, with an emphasis on oncology and rare disease. While Centron was previously comprised of four separate divisions, there will now be one core offering providing the services brands need to thrive in today’s environment: integrated strategic services; creative branding, ideation, and brand experience planning; omnichannel tactical planning and execution; promotional medical communications; and public relations/social media. Clinical medical education and market access strategy will now be supported through HealthSTAR Communications, Centron’s independent parent network.

“I am incredibly excited about the new vision for Centron,” said Chris Sweeney, CEO of HealthSTAR Communications. “I believe it is a unique and compelling offering that delivers what clients are seeking in an evolving healthcare environment. After 12 years of success under Marcia McLaughlin, I believe the new executive team is positioning Centron for decades of future growth.”

Marcia McLaughlin, former CEO of Centron, has now been named Vice Chair, HealthSTAR Communications, and will be working closely with all HealthSTAR Communications companies to ensure individualized offerings are available to each client based on specific brand needs.

McLaughlin added, “I am proud of what we have achieved with Centron to date, and I am certain the newly established executive team, with their singular focus on simplicity and performance-driven creativity, has the right vision to lead the agency into the future.”

About Centron and HealthSTAR Communications

HealthSTAR Communications, headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey, is a full-service communications company that has been partnering with the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for 27 years. HealthSTAR Communications maintains an innovative network of subsidiaries designed to provide a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare marketing services, including Centron, HealthSTAR Fusion Group, HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements and HealthSTAR Clinical Education Solutions. Learn more at

Centron, based in New York, NY, offers full-service healthcare communications across specialty brands, with an emphasis on oncology and rare disease. Centron is a HealthSTAR Communications company and the US lead agency for the Centron Global Network. Learn more at



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