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McCann Health & CARE Confront the Harsh Reality of Death by Overdose from Prescription Drugs

Written by: | | Dated: Thursday, December 14th, 2017

NEW YORK (December 13, 2017) — While the deadly opioid crisis dominates the headlines, there is another equally dangerous, but lesser known killer, hiding in plain sight. Death by overdose from prescription drugs left unsecured around our homes.

To address this growing global issue, CARE, Center for Adolescent Research & Education, partnered with McCann Health to create an emotionally visceral film that exposes the cold hard reality of this relatively unknown, but deadly killer, that was released today. You can view the film here.

“Our youth are our future and while they may think they are invincible — they are not,” said Stephen Gray Wallace, CARE President and Director. “Based on the compelling fact that there are almost 300 Rx drug abuse deaths in the U.S. per day, McCann Health delivered a very confronting idea for a film to open people’s eyes and the address the issue of prescription drug abuse that would not only educate young people but parents as well.”

Jeremy Perrott, McCann Health Global Chief Creative Officer, created the film that is meant to be a wake-up call that delivers a shocking moment of truth, like a stinging slap across the face. The visual style of filming the teenage boy’s first-person point of view, delivers an immersive and immediate experience that shines a light on the danger of what can happen if parents do not take steps to create a prescription drug safe home.

Perrott explained, “We needed to address the incredible facts and be deliberately confrontational with a message, that equaled the punch of the cold, hard statistics. Drunk driving deaths in the U.S. per day: 28. Suicide deaths in the U.S. per day: 120+ and Rx drug abuse deaths in the U.S. per day: 290 and counting.”

Wallace added, “This film does more than expose what we are missing at home, but clearly lays out the environment in which it happens. I was further impressed with the fact that everyone on the small film crew – from director, to support team – were either survivors of, or had lost or saved a loved one, from this global killer. We must pay attention to what is happening – and not sugar coat the messaging — or we will certainly pay the price.”

Perrott said, “There comes a time when we have to be honest with ourselves and not use soft, gentle language to soften the blow of the truth. The simple fact that we are all guilty of leaving prescription drugs around our homes means that the deaths of thousands of children in their homes, around the world. I hope this film raises awareness of the danger of overdosing on prescribed medication and motivates parents to take steps to create a prescription drug safe home.”


McCann Health Global Chief Creative Officer: Jeremy Perrott

Agency: McCann Health NY

Director: David Hartley

Production Company: Great Guns

Executive Producer: Laura Gregory/ Clarissa Troop 

Producers: Mathew Alden and Ollie Perrin

DOP: Max Witting

Art Director: Katherine Trigg

Stunt Coordinator: Gary Arthur

Editor: Mitch Kalisa 

Post Production: Unit

Talent: Katie Pattinson and Adam Pritchard

About CARE

Center for Adolescent Research and Education

Mission – We are a collaborative of institutions and organizations committed to promoting positive youth outcomes and reducing risk. Our work is predicated on the fact that the most effective tools we have at our disposal are the important individuals in young peoples’ lives and the conversations that sustain and nurture those relationships. We are committed to inspiring and cataloguing one million such meaningful conversations by 2020. We invite you to join the conversation!

About McCann Health

McCann Health, two-time Network of the Year winner at Cannes Lions Health, and winner of an unprecedented total of three Network of the Year titles from the industry’s top three creative award shows in 2017, is one of the world’s most awarded global healthcare communications companies. McCann Health, consisting of a global creative agency network, a global medical communications network and a global consulting group, specializes in a wide array of professional, consulting and consumer health and wellness practices. McCann Health is part of McCann Worldgroup and the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG).

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Stephen Gray Wallace

CARE President and Director



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