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Promius Pharma Launches New Corporate Brand Identity

Written by: | | Dated: Thursday, June 30th, 2016


Princeton, NJ, USA. June 30, 2016 — Promius Pharma LLC, a subsidiary of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories today unveiled its new visual identity and corporate brand: The Power of Humans Being. It expresses the core belief at Promius Pharma that “every patient is a person first” and its mission to “help patients get back to what matters most—being a person.”

The Promius Pharma logo now includes a seven color tangram that represents creative problem-solving leading to multiform solutions. A dissection puzzle that originated in China, a tangram has seven flat pieces, called tans, that are put together to form complex, elegant shapes. It is said that the Pythagorean theorem was discovered with the help of tangrams. For Promius Pharma, the tangram evokes the company’s dedication to curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity.

The primary color palette for the new Promius Pharma branding is composed of the seven colors of the tangram: sky blue, yellow, brown, avocado, purple, burnt orange, and khaki. The multicolor palette expresses the Promius Pharma commitment to create solutions that fit with the full colors of real life. It also signals the high value that Promius Pharma places on diversity of talents, experiences, and perspectives in their pursuit of those solutions.

According to Dr. Anil Namboodiripad, Chief Commercial Officer at Promius Pharma, “our new corporate brand identity clearly establishes Promius Pharma as a strong and innovative company whose driving force is to foster better health for all people. Our R&D pipeline reflects the convergence of deep patient insights, pre-clinical, clinical and regulatory expertise in the development of products that address pressing medical needs of various patient subgroups.”

Commenting on the brand launch, Dushyanth Surakanti, Vice President, Head of Sales & Marketing and Corporate Development at Promius Pharma, added that “our new philosophy, The Power of Humans Being, beautifully crystalizes our vision of a world where people living with the challenges of a medical condition can feel like they are living without it.”

The leadership team at Promius Pharma formally introduced the new corporate branding at a companywide event held on the Promius Pharma campus in Princeton, NJ, on June 28, 2016.

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About Promius Pharma LLC
Promius Pharma is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, an integrated pharmaceutical
company, committed to accelerating access to providing affordable and innovative medicines because good
health can’t wait. With a robust commercial infrastructure and extensive research and development
capabilities through its parent company, Promius Pharma is committed to bringing new products to market
that meet patients’ needs in dermatology and neurology. In January 2016, Promius Pharma received FDA
approval for a product to treat acute migraine. For more information, visit


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Contact information:
Promius Pharma, LLC
107 College Rd E
Princeton, NJ 08540

Investor Relations:
Ashish Girotra (USA)
+1 (609) 375-6145

Media Relations:
Lori McCreary (USA)
+1 (609) 375-2995


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