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Purohit Navigation hires new VP, Brad Sherrill, for West Coast development

Written by: | | Dated: Wednesday, September 13th, 2017


Chicago, IL—Purohit Navigation, a full-service healthcare communications and advertising agency, has hired Brad Sherrill as Vice President of Account Services. His primary role will be servicing and expanding the agency’s client base in California.

Sherrill is based in southern California, and brings 18 years of healthcare experience to the agency. He began his career with Johnson & Johnson and later held senior commercial roles with Genentech, Novartis, and other life sciences companies.

His status as a former client of Purohit Navigation gives him a unique perspective of the company. “When I was a client, I was extremely impressed with their creative output and their ability to produce not only strategically focused concepts, but also ones that pushed boundaries.”

Sherrill began his working relationship with Purohit Navigation when he was at Monogram Biosciences (now a member of the LabCorp Specialty Testing Group), and together they launched Trofile®, a blood test used in the treatment of HIV. He would later commission the agency for additional projects throughout his career, as he transitioned between new companies.

When asked about his switch to the agency side, he stated, “I understand the challenges that clients face, and I know how an agency like Purohit Navigation can help address their brand needs, whether they are in startup mode or an established life sciences company.”

Sherrill’s ties to California played a factor in his hiring. Purohit Navigation is working to enhance their relationships with companies on the West Coast, and Sherrill will be a key facilitator in creating those bonds.

In addition to fostering relationships, Sherrill is looking to utilize agency resources to create a stronger client support network. “I know what clients want, because I was one. One mantra at Purohit Navigation is to ‘Go Above and Beyond.’ And my new position is one way we can do that for our clients.”


About Purohit Navigation

Purohit Navigation ( is a strategically focused, full-service, independent healthcare communications and advertising agency. Over the past 30 years, the agency has partnered with companies in the pharmaceutical (including genetic and rare diseases), diagnostic (molecular and plated media), medical device, hospital product, and disease awareness areas, giving Purohit Navigation extensive experience with more than 200 brands.

For more information, please contact Anshal Purohit, President, at (312) 935-5040 or

Trofile® is a registered trademark of Monogram Biosciences, a Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings.

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