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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Roska Healthcare Advertising 2014

Written by: | | Dated: Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

211B Progress Drive
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
Telephone: 215-699-9200
Facsimile: 215-699-9240

Quick Facts

Account wins 5
Account losses 2
Active business clients 8
Brands by 2013 sales  
Brand-product accounts held 10
$25 million or less 4
$50 million – $100 million 1
$100 million – $500 million 3
$500 million to $1 billion 1
Services Mix  
DTP 34%
DTC 33%
Professional 33%

Client Roster

AstellasPharma US
Emergent BioSolutions
Kowa Pharmaceuticals America
Mead Johnson Nutrition

When asked to summarize the past year at Roska Healthcare, agency CEO Jay Bolling sums it up in two words: “Customer Experience.” He explains this is because helping clients deliver the ultimate customer experience has been the driving force behind the company’s eight brand wins across five new clients, the hiring and promotion of five senior-level executives, the restructuring of two key departments, and the centerpiece of the agency’s new branding set to launch this spring.

The Year’s Accomplishments

In May of 2013 Roska Healthcare won the consumer and professional agency-of-record assignments for Cangene Corp.’s portfolio of commercially marketed brands in the United States, including episil, WinRhoSDF, HepaGamB, and a fourth brand to be launched in 2014. The agency’s work for Cangene, a company recently acquired by EmergentBioSolutions, focuses on delivering highly relevant and informative experiences for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients. Campaigns draw on the insights and impact points in each customer journey to positively influence their experiences while addressing and managing exceptionally challenging health conditions.

Among Roska’s biggest initiatives this past year was the launch of the PGA Tour Woman platform to support the urology franchise at Astellas Pharma US, including the Myrbetriq and VesiCare brands. Applying an experiential methodology, the campaign is part of a “surround sound” approach to engage women suffering the effects of overactive bladder, executives say. Jointly promoted and executed by the PGA Tour and Astellas, this new DTC campaign delivers its core messages across multiple communication platforms, including Executive Women’s Day; onsite activation activities; onsite signage; digital promotion; local marketing initiatives; tournament programming; PGA Tour national launch campaign; corporate partnership initiatives; and category-exclusive sponsor opportunities.

In December the agency won the healthcare professional CRM assignment for the Mead JohnsonNutrition franchise of infant formula brands. Roska is working with Mead Johnson Nutrition to create and launch a multi-channel marketing campaign in 2014 to grow brand awareness and sales in the U.S. market.

On the social media front, Amgen engaged Roska Healthcare to serve as the hub for social media strategy for Xgeva. Working with Roska, the Xgeva team is integrating social media strategies and assets with its existing programs in 2014 to enhance the patient and caregiver experience and highlight the importance of treating bone metastases.

The past year also saw the addition of five experienced leaders to Roska’s bench. In May, Tina Fascetti joined the company as executive VP and chief creative officer. Fascetti leads creative vision and strategy across all accounts and serves on Roska’s five-person executive committee. Bob Muha, who joined Roska in 2012 from Novo Nordisk as a commercial strategist, was promoted to executive VP of client services. Muha now leads client services and strategy for the agency – two teams that Roska merged to reflect its focus on providing strategic guidance throughout the client experience. Muha also serves on Roska’s executive committee with Fascetti, Bolling, agency president David Zaritsky, and chief digital and science officer Kurt Mueller.

Three VPs also joined Roska in 2013. Ken DePinto is VP of strategy. Reporting to Muha, DePinto leads strategic planning on key agency accounts. Rob DiDio joined Roska as VP of marketing operations, reporting to Mueller. DiDio heads the planning and execution of digital and CRM programs, as well as overseeing the agency’s technical and project management teams. Marc Loeb joined the company as VP of finance. He reports to Bolling and oversees pricing, accounting, and human resources operations.

Structure And Services

Roska Healthcare is an independent, full-service customer experience and communications agency. The firm provides clients with brand development and experiential marketing across digital, traditional, and social media channels.

According to executives, the agency works with clients to adopt an experience-centric approach that focuses on understanding and supporting the customer’s journey with messages, content, and sensory experiences that audiences find relevant, engaging, and authentic – no over-promising or positioning brands as “forefront” in their lives.

At the onset of an initiative, Roska conducts a customer experience audit to map out the customer journey and identify the most critical points of influence and impact – “Moments of Truth”. The agency analyzes the market to determine the most influential targets and “opportunity zones,” and explore all relevant communication channels to determine the greatest impact points. The creative and digital teams use this data and these insights to craft messaging, content, offers, and experiences across all appropriate channels. Once the plan is in place, Roska leverages its roots in direct marketing and CRM to ensure every element of the initiative is measurable, and its impact can be analyzed toward the achievement of client goals.

In 2013 the agency pursued several third-party partnerships to support delivery of the customer experience across multiple technologies and channels. Executives say Roska is working with Adobe Systems to create a highly immersive digital experience for the distribution of digital content outside of traditional email and web platforms. Leveraging Adobe’s interactive digital publishing suite and Roska’s expertise with experiential marketing, the two companies are collaborating to develop highly configurable and measurable solutions that drive consumer, patient, and HCP engagement, as well as sales enablement and sales training.

Future Plans

To meet the growing demand for targeted, immersive marketing, Roska is actively expanding its strategy, account and project management teams, creative services, and digital/UX/tech group, executives say. In each of these areas, the agency is focused on identifying talent with a passion for understanding and improving customer experiences, and leveraging the power of iterative storytelling to engage audiences deeply and inspire positive action.

According to agency leaders, Roska is preparing to launch a brand transformation of its own this spring to reflect the changing needs of the market and total focus on “customer experience.” The result will be a new name, a new look and messaging, a new Web experience – and a commitment to continue the company’s 30-year-plus tradition of innovative marketing and excellence.


In addition to sponsoring charitable organizations and events as a company, and providing a number of internships to aspiring healthcare marketers, Roska Healthcare encourages employees to share their own charitable efforts with their colleagues. The staff routinely supports each other’s efforts to provide financial help and material items to benefit others in need.

As a company, in 2013 Roska again dedicated its annual “National Take Your Dog to Work Day” festivities to fun with four-legged best friends, as well as fundraising for the Humane League’s Philadelphia Walk for Animals. Another regular feature of life at Roska is the Christmas Jar. All year the staff places money in a jar and, at Christmas, selects a recipient in need from the Philadelphia region. This individual or family then receives the funds in the jar anonymously – left on their doorstep to discover on Christmas morning. In 2013, Roska donated more than $1,000 to a single mother in need.

To give back to the industry, Roska works with regional colleges and universities to have two to three interns per year join the agency team. While at Roska, the interns gain experience with pharmaceutical marketing and agency services, support client and internal projects, and hone the skills they are most interested in applying after they graduate.

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