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Takeda Returns Certain Molecules, Products to Amgen

Written by: | | Dated: Friday, June 24th, 2016

June 24, 2016
By Alex Keown, Breaking News Staff


OSAKA, Japan – Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (TKPYY) announced this morning that it was returning some molecules and products to Amgen (AMGN) it had access to through a collaboration agreement that yielded a cancer treatment for the Japanese market.

Takeda and Amgen struck a deal to develop and commercialize multiple molecules and products that belong to Amgen’s pipeline for commercialization in Japan. Among the molecules being returned to Amgen are AMG403, for the treatment of pain related to cancer, and AMG386, an anti-angiopoietin peptibody for the treatment of solid tumors in various types of cancer.

The company did not specify why it was returning the molecules to Amgen, only saying it looked forward to future collaboration on other molecules that remained within its keeping. Those molecules being returned will be done immediately, Takeda said.

Amgen and Takeda struck its struck its collaboration deal in 2008 for 13 molecules from Amgen’s pipeline. At the time the deal was struck, the pipeline included early to mid-stage clinical-stage candidates across a range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, inflammation and pain.

The Amgen / Takeda deal included the colorectal cancer drug Vectibix, which Takeda was able to bring to the Japanese market in 2010.

“Through our work with Amgen, we have successfully delivered Vectibix to the Japanese patients facing a challenging diagnosis while continuing to build our scientific understanding of novel treatment pathways,” Phil Rowlands, interim head of Takeda’s oncology therapeutic unit. “We look forward to continuing our scientific discovery and to building a portfolio of innovative medicines through our ongoing collaboration with Amgen.”

Takeda said it will work with Amgen to ensure a smooth transition of the return of the molecules and will cooperate with Amgen to ensure patients will receive appropriate therapies in Japan.

This is not the first time this year that Takeda has returned some experimental products in its pipeline to the parent companies. Earlier this year, Takeda returned the U.S. rights to the anti-obesity drug Contrave to its partner Orexigen (OREX). Takeda said the move will allow the company to focus on its inflammatory bowel disease drugs, gout, diabetes and its products for major depressive disorder.

In addition to recently returning those drug molecules, Takeda also recently created two new business units to support its pipeline. A dedicated Specialty Business Unit will enable Takeda to develop best-in-class capabilities in areas such as patient support and evidence generation. Takeda’s new General Medicine Business Unit will support marketing operations for the company pipeline.

Shares of Takeda, which trades on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, are down more than 7 percent this morning.


Source: BioSpace

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