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Up-and-Coming Tedor Pharma Expands and Adds New Jobs

Written by: | | Dated: Wednesday, December 28th, 2016


Up-and-Coming Tedor Pharma Expands and Adds New Jobs
December 28, 2016
By Alex Keown, Breaking News Staff

CUMBERLAND, R.I. – Tedor Pharmaceuticals is expanding its Rhode Island manufacturing facility and expanding its employment with more than 20 new positions, the company announced earlier this month.

Carl Wooten, Tedor Pharma’s president and chief executive officer, said the investment in the facility and the hiring is “in response to our clients’ demand for larger scale, multi-purpose manufacturing capabilities.”

Working with its pharma partners, Tedor has helped take 12 drugs through U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulatory approval processes and has filed seven New Drug Applications.

The expansion is the first phase in Tedor’s three near-term capital improvements, which are an ongoing strategic effort to expand production capabilities and invest in facilities for new formulations to broaden its customer portfolio, the company said.

When the expansion is complete, Tedor said it will hire more than 20 new positions. Over the last eight months, the company has hired 23 employees, Wooten told The Valley Breeze. He said the positions include skilled labor as well as technical roles.

“The manufacturing addition and investment in several technologies will double our capacity and will allow us to add sought after high-skilled jobs to the local economy,” Wooten, who joined Tedor in March, said in a statement.

Wooten also told The Valley Breeze that the expansion will allow the company to produce “billions” of tablets and capsules.

Tedor, an integrated research and development and pharmaceutical manufacturer which was founded in 2001, is investing several million dollars to upgrade its large-scale manufacturing facility. The project will add approximately 5,400 square feet to the existing 40,000 square-foot facility. The expanded space will double Tedor’s commercial capacity and capabilities in order to execute on its rapidly-growing product portfolio, the company said.

Modifications to the existing manufacturing site will include upgrades such as several cGMP production suites. The suites will include new equipment to expand capacity and capability, primarily a large-scale 60 cubic-foot V-blender and a state-of-the-art Fluid Bed Processor, the company said. Additionally, the suites will include the “flexibility to utilize mobile equipment such as high speed tablet presses and encapsulators for solid oral dose manufacturing. The external addition will be utilized to house several key utility systems to feed the Fluid Bed Processor, including a clean-steam boiler, air compressor, and air handling system.”

The building also has been oversized to accommodate future expansion plans. The construction project is expected to be completed by May.




Source: BioSpace

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