“With 20 plus years of strategic communications experience, spanning investor relations, in-house corporate communications, technology transfer/business development and integrated agency services, Keri brings significant depth to W2O’s corporate, crisis and financial communications offering,” said Jennifer Gottlieb, President of W2O. “We are excited to have her join W2O pure to lead our growing Integrated Corporate Communications offering, and provide IR support and expertise across all of our operating companies.”

Before transitioning into communications for the healthcare and life sciences industries, Mattox worked at the Washington Post and was a business reporter with the Albany Times Union, a Hearst newspaper. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Boston University and a Master’s degree in journalism from the University of Maryland.

“I am thrilled to rejoin the team at Pure and very excited to become part of W2O,” said Mattox. “I look forward to bringing my experience working with healthcare companies to develop and execute successful integrated communications and investor relations strategies to this new role and to the broader W2O network.”

About W2O

Founded and led by CEO Jim Weiss in 2001, W2O is an independent network of complementary analytics and insights-driven, digital marketing and communications firms focused on integrated business solutions for the world’s leading brands and organizations in healthcare and other industries. The firm employs nearly 700 people in a dozen offices across the United States and in Europe. W2O incorporates Insight Integration, a strategic approach based on unearthing transformative insights from data/analytics and integrating them — across all marcom disciplines – to arrive at a precise solution for clients’ business needs. The goal is to create an Unfair Advantage for clients who face dramatic challenges in a shifting environment by following the right data to get to the right solution. The right data clarifies the audience, what matters to them, and where the client’s brand fits in their lives. W2O employs proprietary analytics models, methodologies and approaches in a digital world to design precise communications and marketing strategies and engagement to deliver the right solution and sustained business results.

W2O’s network includes W2O wcg, W2O twist, W2O pure, W2O marketeching and W2O sentient. For more information, please visit www.w2ogroup.com.

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