Cutting fat from your diet leads to more fat loss than reducing carbohydrates, a US health study shows. Scientists intensely analyzed people on controlled diets by inspecting every morsel of food, minute of exercise and breath taken. Both diets, analyzed by the National Institutes of Health, led to fat loss when calories were cut, but […]

Genmab Enters Commercial License Agreement with Novo Nordisk for DuoBody Technology – Two commercial DuoBody® technology licenses granted to Novo Nordisk– Genmab receives USD 2 million upfront payment Copenhagen, Denmark; August 14, 2015 — Genmab A/S (OMX: GEN) announced today it has entered an agreement to grant Novo Nordisk commercial licenses to use the DuoBody […]

Novo Nordisk (NVO), the world’s largest maker of insulin for diabetics may expand its manufacturing operations to the United States, Bloomberg Business reported this morning.   If a U.S. site is built, the facility will focus on manufacturing semaglutide, a medication for type 2 diabetes, Bloomberg said. During an interview with Lars Soerensen, Novo Nordisk’s […]

Modified Yeast Produce Opiates From Sugar It typically takes a year to produce hydrocodone from plants, but researchers have genetically modified yeast to make it in just a few days. The technique could improve access to medicines in impoverished nations. For thousands of years, people have used yeast to ferment wine, brew beer and leaven […]

There is little scientific evidence that mobile health technologies reduce cardiovascular risk factors, but they may encourage healthier lifestyles. This is the message from the American Heart Association in a new statement published in the journal Circulation. Wearable health trackers and Smartphone apps have taken the world by storm in recent years. Around 20% of […]

Scientists Discover What Controls Waking Up And Going To Sleep Fifteen years ago, an odd mutant fruit fly caught the attention and curiosity of Dr. Ravi Allada, a circadian rhythms expert at Northwestern University, leading the neuroscientist to recently discover how an animal’s biological clock wakes it up in the morning and puts it to […]

International Study Shows ‘Less Happy’ New Parents End Up Having Smaller Families A new study by Western University and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) shows couples who feel ‘less happy’ in the year following the birth of their first child, have a lower probability of having another. The trend is especially strong […]

Drug developer Avalanche Biotechnologies Inc said it would not start a second mid-stage study of its eye drug, which showed only a modest improvement in vision in the first study. Avalanche’s shares fell 15 percent in extended trading on Thursday after closing at $13.83. The drug developer said it was stepping back from clinical trials […]

Scientists have invented a speedy method to make potent painkilling opioids using bioengineered baker’s yeast instead of poppies, but need to fine-tune the process to make it commercially viable, according to a study published on Thursday. The new method, if it can be made more efficient, could significantly change the multibillion-dollar pain medication manufacturing business, […]

ZUG, Switzerland, Aug. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Feedback gathered from 97 neurologists in June reveals that growing comfort with oral disease-modifying agents (DMAs) as well as multiple years of patient experience is driving neurologists to leave the injectables behind. While experience benefits oral agents moving forward in the treatment armamentarium, it is not the same story for […]