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12-Employee Lexington Biotech, Aldeyra Shows Off Positive Drug Trial Data

Aldeyra Therapeutics, headquartered in Lexington, Mass., announced positive data from a clinical trial of its topical NS2 to treat skin conditions caused by Sjogren-Larsson Syndrome (SLS).

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FDA moves Eisai Alzheimer’s drug to Phase III

Japan’s Eisai Co. said the U.S. FDA had confirmed that there was sufficient data to start Phase III studies of a drug it is co-developing to treat early Alzheimer’s disease.

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AstraZeneca’s selumetinib fails lung cancer study

AstraZeneca’s cancer drug pipeline suffered a setback when the experimental drug selumetinib failed to meet its goal in a late-stage trial for lung cancer.

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Mesoblast cell treatment shows promise in RA: study

Mesoblast Ltd. said its experimental stem-cell treatment led to significant improvements of symptoms and disease activity in patients whose rheumatoid arthritis had stopped being helped by widely used biotech medicines.

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Cool temperatures, few mosquitoes make Games Zika-free, so far

So far, at the Olympics many feared would be the Zika Games, so good. With as many as one million people expected to attend the spectacle – half of them foreigners – Rio de Janeiro has not turned out to be the Zika hothouse some athletes and visitors feared as the virus wreaked havoc in Brazil earlier in 2016.

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Digital Disrupts – Innovation Requires Leadership, Change Management, Agility

Leadership today equals leading, managing and constantly adapting to change. Here are some steps to get on a path to change and engage your organization.

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Compound found for parasitic tropical diseases

Scientists have found a single class of drugs that can kill the parasites responsible for three tropical diseases that affect millions in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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Doctor Charged With Insider Trading While Heading a Clinical Trial for Regado Biosciences

A cardiologist running a clinical trial for Bay Area’s Regado Biosciences has been indicted by a grand jury on two charges of alleged securities fraud, StatNews reported.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb’s $4 Billion Disaster Sends Partner Ono Pharma’s Stock Plunging

Shares of Ono Pharmaceutical were down nearly 20 percent in Monday’s trading after a Phase III trial for the lung cancer treatment Opdivo that it was co-developing with Bristol-Myers Squibb failed to meet its endpoints.

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MEI Pharma and Helsinn Reach Cancer Deal

Helsinn Group and MEI Pharma inked an exclusive licensing, development and commercialization deal to develop and market Pracinostat to treat AML.

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