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First Epigenetic Test To Diagnose CUP

The EPICUP test is a new tool that helps identify up to 87% of cases of cancer of unknown origin (CUP).

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Praluent Passes Late-Stage Test

Regeneron and Sanofi announced detailed positive results from ODYSSEY ESCAPE, a Phase 3 trial which evaluated Praluent (alirocumab) Injection.

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FDA issues emergency use authorization for Zika test

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued emergency authorization for a Zika diagnostics test from Swiss drugmaker Roche, skirting normal approval channels as the regulator moves to fight the disease’s spread.

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More U.S. counties to see Obamacare marketplace monopoly: analysis

Nearly a third of U.S. counties likely will be served by only one insurer that participates in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace in 2017, according to an analysis published by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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Adults with longer-lived parents may age healthier

Adults with longer-lived parents have a lower-than-average risk for problems with the body’s circulatory system in middle age, British researchers have found.

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Mylan Isn’t Alone: 11 Drugmakers With Off-The-Charts Pricing Power

Mylan is drawing fire for passing off massive price hikes for its EpiPen allergy treatment. But it’s far from being the drug company with the most pricing power.

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AstraZeneca Puts ‘For Sale’ Sign On U.S. HQ

UK-based AstraZeneca has placed its U.S. headquarters located in Fairfax, Delaware, up for sale. However, the company indicates that it is evaluating several options for the site, including redevelopment, and should not be viewed as abandoning Delaware or even the Fairfax area.

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FDA warns former Sun Pharma U.S. drug factory over quality concerns

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has pulled up a former Sun Pharmaceutical drug factory for “knowingly” releasing 27 lots of the hypertension drug clonidine during 2015, despite proof that the raw materials used may have been contaminated.

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Takeda: Bold, New Access To Medicines Strategy

Takeda announced the launch of an Access to Medicines (AtM) strategy aimed at increasing access to its innovative and potentially life-saving medicines.

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Theranos to appeal regulatory sanctions on its lab

Blood-testing company Theranos Inc. said it plans to appeal the sanctions imposed by a U.S. regulator on one of its labs alleging its practices jeopardized patient health and safety.

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