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Most fatal type of stroke declining along with smoking rates

The type of brain bleeding that causes the most lethal kind of stroke has declined substantially since 1998, possibly as a result of falling smoking rates, according to researchers in Finland.

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Intouch Solutions launches online marketplace for programmatic media buying

Intouch Solutions has launched INSIGHT Media Marketplace, a new in-house advertising trading desk built specifically for the life sciences industry.

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T. Rowe Price sues Valeant

T Rowe Price Group Inc. has sued Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc., alleging that investors in the Canadian drugmaker lost billions of dollars due to its use of a secret pharmacy network, among others.

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Britain launches soft drinks sugar tax to fight obesity

Britain said it would tax companies which sell sugary soft drinks and invest that money in health programs for school children, part of a long-awaited strategy to curb childhood obesity that critics say is too weak.

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Auris’ tinnitus drug misses main study goals

Auris Medical Holding AG said its experimental drug for acute inner ear tinnitus missed the main goals of a late-stage study.

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FDA Rejects Portola’s AndexXa NDA

Portola Pharmaceuticals announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rejected its AndexXa to treat life-threatening or uncontrolled bleeding.

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J&J says court finds Remicade patent invalid

Johnson & Johnson said a U.S. court had held its patent for autoimmune drug Remicade invalid, ruling in favor of two companies seeking to bring a cheaper version of the blockbuster drug to market.

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Turkey’s investigation into Novartis ‘ongoing’

Turkey’s investigation into Novartis for bribery allegations is “ongoing,” a Turkish health ministry official told Reuters, after the drugmaker said it was not under investigation.

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Juno Facing Class Action Lawsuit

Juno Therapeutics faces a class action lawsuit alleging the company violated federal securities law pertaining to a patient death in a Phase II trial of its lead drug.

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GSK Best-Selling Weight Loss Pill Cramped By Problematic Studies That Understated Its Harms

A new report shows that adverse effects such as diarrhea or incontinence were understated by GlaxoSmithKline during clinical trials for the OTC weight-loss drug Alli.

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2016 Annual Report: Top 200 Medicines

AbbVie’s biologic therapy Humira for autoimmune diseases was the worldwide prescription-drug sales leader in 2015 for the fourth consecutive calendar term.

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Special Feature: First Year After Launch

The new generation of hep C drugs has completely changed the conversation about launches.

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Special Feature: Pharma Leaders of Innovation

Med Ad News’ first edition of the Pharma Leaders of Innovation special feature showcases two CEOs focusing outside the big pharma box and an agency tech leader.

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Lions Health 2016 Takeaways

The third annual edition of Lions Health took place on June 18th-19th at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

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First-Ever VR Fingerpaint Studio Launched At Lions Health 2016; Agency Also Unveiled Hands-On Brands Innovation

Bringing its brand name to life, Fingerpaint – a marketing innovation agency as well as founding partner and sponsor of Cannes Lions Health – unveiled the first-ever Virtual Reality (VR) Fingerpaint Studio at the Cannes Lions Health Festival. Fingerpaint also launched the agency’s new Hands-On Brands movement in Cannes.

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Q&A with Josh Prince, Jury President of Health & Wellness Lions 2016

Med Ad News interviewed Josh Prince, CEO of DDB Health, CMO of Omnicom Health Group and Jury President of Health & Wellness Lions 2016.

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Putting Our Campaigns in the Hands of Our Customers

Last year, when I left Cannes Lions Health, I wondered when the technology explosion would truly begin to trickle down into the hands of the average patient in the waiting room. I left the 2016 festival feeling the same way.

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Where Has All the Social Gone?

There is no place more social than Cannes. (Just spend an evening at The Gutter Bar.) And, yet, when it comes to creative ideas using social media, social didn’t really show up on the pharma shortlist this year.

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What I Learned at Lions Health

Healthcare promotion strikes me as a cozy little business sometimes, with our webs of contacts and clients, strongly strung in a specialized space. Nowhere did I feel this more than at Cannes, where Lions Health, in its own building at the Palais, gave us a chance to renew friendships and make new contacts easily, fueled by the appropriately sized venue and the gallons of pink wine.

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Five Trends from Lions Health

Rich Levy, Chief Creative Officer of FCB Health and jury member of Pharma Lions 2016, offers Five Trends from Lions Health.

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