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How Donald Trump Could Disrupt the FDA

When Donald Trump is sworn in as president there are questions as to what may happen to various agencies in the nation’s capital, especially the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. There are some concerns that the Trump administration may look to dismantle the regulatory agency.

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Booming Shire to Take Over Sanofi Genzyme’s HQ in Kendall Square, Eyes Hiring Another 400 Employees

Shire continues to expand its presence in booming Kendall Square. The company announced it will establish a rare disease innovation hub that will include the leasing of 343,000 square feet of a former Genzyme property – which is adjacent to current Shire property.

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NICE U-Turns, Backs Approval of Roche’s Perjeta

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence has finally given backing for the NHS’ approval of Perjeta for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive breast cancer.

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Mo’ Data, Mo’ Insights

If “some” data helps life sciences firms develop insights to improve their businesses, having access to Big Data from multiple sources should lead to many more and much better insights. But more often than not, access to more data is having the opposite effect.

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FDA lifts hold on AstraZeneca head and neck cancer trials

U.S. officials have given a green light for two clinical trials testing AstraZeneca’s cancer immunotherapy drug durvalumab in head and neck cancer to resume recruiting patients, lifting a hold imposed following cases of bleeding.

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Intarcia files U.S. approval for diabetes implant

Intarcia Therapeutics Inc. submitted a marketing application for its matchstick-size implantable drug-delivery pump for diabetes to the U.S. FDA.

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Thanksgiving when teens don’t eat like the rest of the family

Some families gathering for Thanksgiving this week may have something to argue about besides politics: what to do when teens at the table follow a different diet than everyone else.

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More than 18 million on HIV treatment, a million more than 2015: UNAIDS

More than 18 million people now have access to life-saving AIDS treatment, 1.2 million more than at the end of last year, the United Nations said.

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This Could be The Reason Elizabeth Holmes is Still Leading Theranos

Theranos has failed to turn its dream of a blood-testing and miniaturized laboratory technology into any kind of commercial or regulatory success and the company is facing a myriad of lawsuits – bad news that has dropped its estimated value of $9 billion to a few hundred million at best.

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Investors Upset as Acorda Abandons Development of Another Drug After Phase II Flop

Following the release of disappointing Phase II data, shares of Acorda Therapeutics were dropping after the company announced plans to discontinue development of dalfampridine for the treatment of post-stroke walking difficulties (PSWD).

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