Pfizer won approval from the European Union for its best-selling breast cancer drug Ibrance, making it the first medicine of its kind to reach the European market.

Pfizer announced that the company will be closing two of its three facilities in the UK. The facilities will close over the next four years, and affect approximately 370 jobs.

With some uncertainty facing the biotech and pharma industry following the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, investors should focus on companies that rely on innovation rather than price increases.

Shares of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals were down after the company’s experimental hepatitis B drug, ARC-520, was placed on clinical hold by the U.S. FDA.

The reality of a President-elect Donald Trump has been a shot in the arm for pharma and biotech leaders’ stock prices as they surged in U.S. and European markets.

Voters in San Francisco passed a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, unofficial results showed, as the push by local governments to target soda to stem obesity and diabetes gathered speed.

A California ballot initiative aimed at reining in rising prices for prescription drugs was headed for defeat after pharmaceutical companies spent more than $100 million to fight it.

It’s important for the pharma industry to take a closer look at the benefits of going beyond the pill and leveraging technology to deliver better care resulting in better patient outcomes and potential savings to the overall health system.

The internal watchdog at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services warned the office tasked with administering federal health insurance programs that Mylan NV’s EpiPen was improperly classified as a generic drug in 2009, Senator Charles Grassley said.

Takeda Pharmaceutical is a little bit closer to grabbing some necessary cash by unloading its stake in the chemicals business Wako Pure Chemical Industries Ltd.