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Two Promising Strategies to Leverage Real-Time Digital Data to Improve Patient Marketing

A review about two promising applications of digital data to improve patient marketing, plus a third “low-hanging fruit” tactic most brands should explore.

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Drugmakers under fire for possible U.S. price fixing

Two prominent U.S. lawmakers called on federal antitrust regulators to probe whether Sanofi SA, Eli Lilly and Co., Merck & Co. Inc. and Novo Nordisk A/S colluded to set prices for insulin and other diabetes drugs.

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New look, promotions at Choreo Market Access

Choreo Market Access has a new brand and two new leaders. The agency’s parent, The Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG), announced the changes.

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Neon helps lung cancer research “Flip Out”

  The heathcare advertising agency Neon has teamed up with the nonprofit lung cancer research advocacy group Free to Breathe on Flip Out, a social awareness and fund-raising campaign. The campaign launched Oct. 30 at Free to Breathe’s Brooklyn 5K Run/Walk and will run through November for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. A how-to video, media […]

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Two Deaths Linked to Yervoy-Opdivo Combo

Checkpoint inhibitors have become popular treatments for cancers, but a New England Journal of Medicine article may give physicians pause before prescribing them.

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Alzheimer’s Contender Wows in Human Clinical Trial

Merck & Co. published results from its Phase I clinical trial of verubecestat for Alzheimer’s disease in the journal Science Translational Medicine. The Phase I data provides information related mostly to the safety and activity of the drug.

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Gilead Drops Another Bombshell, Will Shift R&D Cash Away From Hep C

A Catch-22 in biopharma is the fallout if you develop a drug that cures the disease. No more customers! Although that has not exactly happened to Gilead Sciences and hepatitis C, it’s definitely a factor in the company’s decision to shift its research-and-development efforts away from HCV. Todd Campbell, writing for The Motley Fool, takes a look.

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Gearing Up for a Moonshot: FDA Desperately Seeks 400 or More Scientists

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants you! The agency is hiring hundreds of scientists. But can it fill so many critical roles to meet its expanded public health mission as it competes for talent with the private sector?

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Eisai latest cancer drugmaker to win UK approval after price cut

Cancer drugmakers are cutting prices to ensure their medicines are used routinely on Britain’s National Health Service, following the overhaul of a cancer drug funding scheme, with Japan’s Eisai the latest to win approval.

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Accurate Facebook posts about Zika virus were plentiful, not popular

Social media is an important source of news for many Americans, but the health stories that are most popular may also be the least accurate, suggests a study of Facebook posts about Zika virus.

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