Cempra Inc.’s experimental drug to treat community-acquired pneumonia – the kind recently suffered by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – causes a potentially concerning rise in liver enzymes, according to a preliminary review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The synthetic DNA virus used in canine research will inform the development of human cancer therapies and could revolutionize the approach to personalized medicine for cancer treatment.

In the wake of a failed Phase IIb clinical trial, Opexa Therapeutics announced it will be laying off about 40 percent of its workforce.

British patients could end up not being able to access modern medicines if there is a “hard Brexit”, a think tank report endorsed by a former Conservative health minister warned.

Investors were not particularly happy with Gilead’s Q3 2016 report. In addition to sagging sales and revenue, it outlined a laundry list of failed clinical trials.

Chinese regulators approved Pfizer Inc.’s blockbuster vaccine Prevenar 13, a breakthrough for the firm after it was forced to shut its vaccine business in China during 2015.