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Third Rock Ventures Quietly Launches Tango Therapeutics in Editas Medicine’s HQ

A new biotech company, Tango Therapeutics, is being launched by Third Rock Ventures and will be leasing 9,654 square feet of space at Editas Medicine headquarters in Cambridge, Mass.

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Why Pharma Giant AstraZeneca’s Market Value Gained $3.8 Billion In February 2017

AstraZeneca shareholders saw gains of 5.4 percent over the month of February, driven primarily by the London-based company’s oncology programs.

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Diabetes in pregnancy tied to altered fat cells in adult offspring

When pregnant mothers have diabetes, their children may have altered fat cells that make metabolic diseases in adulthood more likely, a small Danish study suggests.

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FDA Approves First Treatment for Nocturia

Serenity Pharmaceuticals announced that the U.S. FDA approved Noctiva (desmopressin acetate), the first FDA-approved therapy for nocturia.

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Precision Medicine: What Is It And Why Now?

Nearly two decades ago, the promise of precision medicine began making its mark on the pages of medical journals – along with speculation that “therapy with the right drug at the right dose in the right patient” – would define the future of medical treatment.

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Soy tied to longer life after breast cancer

Eating more soy may be tied to better survival odds for many women with breast cancer and may not be harmful for patients treated with hormones, a new study suggests.

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TG Therapeutics’ leukemia drug clears key study, shares soar

TG Therapeutics Inc. said a combination of its experimental cancer drug ublituximab and AbbVie Inc.’s Imbruvica outperformed Imbruvica alone in high-risk leukemia patients.

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Vertex to Acquire CTP-656 from Concert Pharmaceuticals for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis

Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced that it has signed a definitive asset purchase agreement with Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. under which Vertex will acquire CTP-656.

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OncoCyte says study confirms accuracy of lung cancer blood test

OncoCyte Corp., which is developing diagnostics in the fledgling field of liquid biopsies, said a 300-patient validation study of its blood test for early detection of lung cancer has confirmed the accuracy reported from a prior trial.

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