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Analyze the Pill Burden Domino Effect on Healthcare Known as Polypharmacy

Understand the meaning and implications of polypharmacy and the issues it causes for patient adherence; Discover policies, technologies and procedures that can eliminate or reduce the effects of polypharmacy ensuring quality outcomes; Highlight issues Pharmacist Partners, as an organization, has remedied and the technology they utilize to decrease overuse or underuse of medication

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Governors met on Obamacare replacement plan with Pence

Ten state governors seeking to avoid millions of dollars in federal healthcare cuts under Republican plans to replace Obamacare pressed their case in a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence, according to two people briefed on the talks.

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Herbal medications risky in heart disease

Herbal medications offer few benefits and many risks for people with heart disease, according to a recent review.

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PTC abandons cystic fibrosis drug after trial failure

PTC Therapeutics Inc. said it would stop developing its cystic fibrosis drug after it failed to meet the main goal of a late-stage study.

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Mutual Recognition promises new framework for pharmaceutical inspections for United States and European Union

The United States and the European Union (EU) completed an exchange of letters to amend the Pharmaceutical Annex to the 1998 U.S.-EU Mutual Recognition Agreement. Under this agreement, U.S. and EU regulators will be able to utilize each other’s good manufacturing practice inspections of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

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Backed by Amazon and Big Names Like Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene and Merck & Co., Bay Area’s GRAIL Banks $900 Million

Grail Inc., a company focused on using diagnostics to develop early-stage cancer detection, bagged $900 million in Series B financing.

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10 Biotechs With an Orphan Drug in Late-Stage Pipeline

Citing a recent evaluation of the orphan drug market by Evaluate, Endpoints picked 10 orphan drug candidates that could, if approved, become blockbusters, or near blockbusters, by 2022.

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Juno Finally Drops Problem CAR-T Drug That Caused Deaths

Juno pulled the plug on its once-promising lead CAR-T cancer treatment JCAR015.

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Roche drug cocktail cuts breast cancer deaths

Roche’s bid to shield its lucrative oncology franchise from generics got a lift from a trial showing a new drug cocktail kept breast cancer patients alive longer.

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South Korea fines Novartis over kickbacks, suspends sales of some drugs

South Korea said it has fined Swiss drugmaker Novartis 200 million won ($174,937) and temporarily banned sales of some of its drugs for paying kickbacks to doctors in exchange for recommending the company’s drugs.

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