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Companies collaborate on patient-oncologist connection service

TG plc and HealthLoop have launched a collaboration on IO Loop, a service that enables patients and their oncologists to stay connected, providing improved pre-procedural patient instructions and ongoing follow-up care outside of the acute care setting.

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Real-time glucose monitoring system approved in U.S., Europe

Smart Meter LLC received 510(k) clearance from FDA and CE Mark in Europe to market the company’s iGlucose Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

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Zika affects 5 percent of babies with confirmed infections: CDC

The first report on how the Zika virus affected U.S. territories showed that 5 percent of women with confirmed infections had babies with birth defects, U.S. health officials said.

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U.S. asks drug maker Endo to withdraw opioid amid abuse crisis

As the United States battles a growing opioid abuse crisis, the Food and Drug Administration asked Endo International Plc to withdraw from the market its long-lasting opioid painkiller Opana ER, sending Endo’s shares down more than 12 percent.

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Top EU court bars Dextrose tablet maker’s glucose health claims

The European Union’s top court barred Germany’s Dextro Energy from making claims about the health benefits of glucose contained in its products, which include Dextrose tablets.

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Booming Glenmark Pharma Could File One NDA Each Year For 10 Years

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is in the middle of a strategic transformation that company officials believe will build off its revenues from a proven generics business to fund a pipeline of homegrown branded medicines.

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South Korea to fine Novartis unit over unfair drug promotions

South Korea’s antitrust regulator said it would fine Novartis’ local unit 500 million won ($444,089) for alleged unfair promotions, in another setback for the Swiss drugmaker that was fined earlier during 2017 over kickbacks to doctors.

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Mixed trial results for Actelion antibiotic

Actelion said its antibiotic hopeful cadazolid met the main goal of one late-stage study, but failed to hit the target in a second identical study.

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Genentech returns drug rights to NewLink

Genentech is returning the rights to NewLink Genetics’ IDO inhibitor GDC-0919 (navoximod). However, the overall research collaboration the two companies have to identify next-generation IDO/TDO (tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase) inhibitors will continue.

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Top 10 Life Science Job Trends in 2017

Life science companies worldwide adjust and evolve to market and technological changes. The market changes because of an aging population and its specific diseases become more common – Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, for example. The market also evolves with technological changes – increased computing power and big data have led to a need for data scientists; medical device applications have created a need for more medical technology and/or biomedical engineering jobs; and new understanding of genomics has led to more jobs for people specializing in genomics and genetics. Here is a look at the top 10 trends life science job seekers should keep an eye out for.

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