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Harpoon Therapeutics Joins 2018 IPO Game

South San Francisco-based Harpoon Therapeutics is tapping into the white-hot IPO magic that was one of the hallmarks of 2018 for the biotech industry.

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QurAlis Spins out Med Device Company EnClear to Target ALS

EnClear Therapies – a new medical device company spun out from QurAlis – will focus developmental programs on targeting neurological diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and progressive supranuclear palsy.

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Boston Scientific Exercises Option to Buy Millipede

Boston Scientific exercised the company’s option to buy the remaining shares of Santa Rosa, Calif.-based Millipede for $325 million.

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Top 10 Blogs For Healthcare Marketers In 2018

2018 was filled with a number of significant developments for healthcare marketers. The rising demand to respect individual privacy rights dominated conversations surrounding digital marketing, as did the increasing importance of using data-driven email marketing tools to increase physician engagement and retention.

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Biotech billionaire settles SEC stock manipulation case

Florida biotechnology billionaire Phillip Frost agreed to pay $5.52 million to settle U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission civil charges over his alleged role in “pump-and-dump” schemes that left investors with virtually worthless stock.

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To lower blood pressure, exercise may be as good as medication

For people with high blood pressure, starting an exercise regimen may lower blood pressure by as much as taking medication would, a large analysis suggests.

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FDA chief to meet e-cigarette makers amid crackdown

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration plans to meet with top-level executives of e-cigarette makers, the agency’s chief said, hinting that some companies seem to be backing away from commitments related to youth’s access to e-cigarettes.

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Year-End Research Advances Approaches, Both Genetic and Device-Oriented, to Treat Obesity

A 2017 study found that more than 700 million adults and children worldwide are obese, calling it a “rising pandemic.”

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Kala Pharmaceuticals’s NDA for KPI-121 0.25% for Dry Eye Disease Accepted for FDA Review

Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced that the New Drug Application (NDA) for KPI-121 0.25%, a product candidate for the temporary relief of signs and symptoms of dry eye disease utilizing a two-week course of therapy, has been accepted for review by the United States Food and Drug Administration FDA.

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To Infinity and Beyond! Emulate’s Intestine-Chip Heads to the International Space Station

Emulate won a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, to be used to send one of the Boston-based company’s Organ-Chips to the International Space Station in March 2019.

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