Agency Habitat: 2021


Agency Habitat

2733 Cullen Street

Fort Worth, TX 76107




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Account wins 10

Active business clients 15

Brands by 2020 sales

Brand-product accounts held 41



Digital 38%

Consumer advertising 20%

Professional advertising 20%

Sales collateral 14%

Medical education 4%

Relationship 3%

PR 1%





Crown Aesthetics

Crown Laboratories

Dermavant Sciences

Endo Aesthetics

Ferris Manufacturing 

Journey Medical 

Mayne Pharma

Nexzol Pharma 

Ortho Dermatologics

Sanara MedTech

Smith & Nephew

Solta Medical



“2020 created unique challenges for our industry, but 2021 is a time for new beginnings, opportunity and growth,” agency management says. “For GCG Marketing, that meant going through a rebrand after nearly 50 years in business. With a new building, an updated team structure and a refreshed perspective on the rapidly changing world of digital marketing, Agency Habitat was launched.”

Agency leaders say the driving force behind the rebrand was the industry itself. “It was poised for rapid change long before COVID-19, and Agency Habitat endeavored to change first,” according to management. “Shedding the clunky restraints of the ‘traditional’ ad agency model, Agency Habitat is a content-focused, full-service agency that has mastered the art of adapting brands so they can thrive, no matter the channel or media in which they come to life.

As Agency Habitat expands its capabilities, President Neil Foster advises brands beginning to explore the digital space for the first time. 

“As more brands are driven into the digital space, quick, quality content creation will be the driving force that separates successful industry leaders from brands that are a step behind,” Foster says. “Relying on pre-created assets that can’t be owned by any one brand is passé, if not a recipe for failure. We set up an agency model that can keep up with demand by taking both traditional branding and content production in-house.” 


According to agency executives, Agency Habitat continues to leverage its extensive experience in aesthetics and medical devices to bring exciting new innovations to life. Notably, the agency partnered with Endo Aesthetics as the division’s HCP agency to launch its first product. In addition, the Agency Habitat team developed social strategies for clients such as Solta Medical and its family of devices. The agency also assisted CooperVision on the international launch of the MiSight Myopia Management Program, a revolutionary contact lens protocol designed to help slow the progression of myopia in children between the ages of 8 and 12. 

And, as a partner in Alastin Skincare’s new brand exploration, the agency created a library of photography assets featuring models and product shots that would help Alastin stand apart in the aesthetics space and revitalize its image.

Naturally, the agency is always looking for new opportunities, according to management. Later in 2020, Agency Habitat entered the e-commerce space, helping Phyto-ZOL, a clinically proven CBD topical, identify its key audience so it could establish valuable influencer marketing relationships and a pilot campaign later in 2021. 


Leadership says Agency Habitat’s new, state-of-the-art location in Fort Worth, Texas, is creatively inspired and fully equipped for the future, allowing the increased demand for digital services to be met. The new location features an on-site studio complete with four stages, sound booth, and a fully equipped editing suite. Agency Habitat’s ability to stream shoots and recordings online allows clients to work with team members on set from virtually anywhere in the world.

To optimize efficiency, Agency Habitat has transitioned to an entirely digital platform for internal processes. According to management, this allows the small, nimble teams the agency houses to seamlessly and sustainably blend capabilities. These teams work closely with an expert Interactive team responsible for front- and back-end website development, SEO optimization and the design of AR/VR experiences. Advising these groups is a new department, called Brand Engagement. This team includes unique creative specialists such as motion graphic animators, videographers, and photographers who work with core brand teams to create strategically sound content across digital channels. Driving analysis and optimization, the other half of the Brand Engagement team is responsible for reporting, community management and strategic paid search and social management. The two sides of the team create and review content continually, allowing for quick shifts and stronger strategic recommendations. 

According to the executive team, this new structure allows Agency Habitat to turnkey a library of valuable content for brands that is on-message and relatable to audiences, no matter where it’s placed.

On the topic of the Brand Engagement team, Foster says, “Brands are informed by the audience they’re trying to reach. A brand’s online perception is more important than ever. By creating a team responsible for Brand Engagement, we can continuously learn how to create better and better content that will help you meet your goals by keeping your most important KPIs in focus.”


Agency Habitat is leveraging experience in the medical aesthetics space to acquire more consumer health and beauty product accounts, executives say. In coming years, the agency plans to continue partnering with various e-commerce brands as well. 

“With an increased focus on digital, media and content creation, there is a lot of work to be done in providing more services to current clients, as well as attracting new clients with rapidly growing digital needs,” Agency Habitat executives say.

And Agency Habitat has major plans for its future as an agency. “The rebrand is just the beginning,” its leadership team says. “In the coming years, Agency Habitat will continue to provide sound strategic guidance throughout the creation of overarching brand campaigns and social initiatives that will help showcase the agency’s commitment to its industry partners in 2021 and beyond.”

(left to right) Lori Johnson, Ph.D., chief scientific officer; Neil Foster, president and CEO; Ryan Cormier, executive director of digital; Lindsay Hendon, executive director of operations; Allyson Cross, VP of marketing; Pat Gabriel, VP of creative


In 2020, Agency Habitat remained focused on supporting advertising education. 

“It is the agency’s belief that giving back to our own industry is the best way to tie citizenship efforts to the company’s unique talent offerings,” Foster says. 

To that end, the agency grew its paid internship program, allowing more members of the creative team to foster the next generation of advertisers and gain valuable leadership skills. The interns themselves work closely with peers from other disciplines to better understand working in a collaborative creative space.

2020 left many in a state of uncertainty, managements says, and during this time, Agency Habitat had the unique privilege and opportunity to give back to the DFW community, especially the delivery drivers and frontline workers who kept the community safe and supplied throughout the pandemic. In the early months of COVID-19, the agency banded together to provide donations for its new neighbors, the Tarrant Area Food Bank, resulting in 2,565 meals for those in need.

At the end of 2020, Agency Habitat’s #AHGiveback Initiative saw members of the agency team surprising members of the community with random cash prizes until a total of $10,000 was given out. Followers on social media could nominate people who had gone above and beyond for their own community during this time, or people in their lives who deserved a positive surprise going into 2021. The #AHGiveback is an initiative Agency Habitat plans to keep up in future years as a way to celebrate the people of DFW.