April is National Cancer Control Month

Make Genetic Screening a Priority this Spring


Atlanta, GA – April 2022 – JScreen, a national non-profit public health initiative dedicated to preventing genetic diseases and hereditary cancer, educates communities across the country on the importance of genetic screening for personal and family health. Spring has officially sprung, and the season of birth and renewal is the perfect time for people to start taking control of their health. In the spirit of the season, JScreen is proud to announce their support for National Cancer Control Month in April.

Established by Congress in April of 1938 and endorsed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940, National Cancer Control Month aims to draw attention to the prevalence of cancer, as well as the ever-expanding means by which it can be treated, prevented, and controlled. National Cancer Control Month has since been proclaimed each year by the standing U.S. President and continues to serve as an annual reminder to all Americans of the importance of screening for early diagnosis and prevention.

At JScreen, prevention of hereditary cancer is a top priority. Their team of passionate and highly-skilled genetic counselors works in association with Emory University’s Department of Human Genetics to provide affordable and accessible genetic screening to assess a person’s risk. JScreen’s CancerGEN test analyzes 60 actionable cancer susceptibility genes. If  a person receives a positive result, there are steps they can take to reduce their chances of developing cancer or to detect it at an early, treatable stage.

In addition to cancer genetic testing, JScreen also offers its ReproGEN test, which is designed to evaluate a couple’s risk of passing down genetic diseases like Tay-Sachs or cystic fibrosis to their future children. For prospective parents, this information can be invaluable, as it allows them to make informed decisions about their future families. With Spring representing regrowth, renewal, and health, JScreen emphasizes the goal of bringing healthy babies into the world and planning for a healthy and prosperous future.

“Our number one objective is to help people achieve the healthy lives they deserve,” says Karen Arnovitz Grinzaid, Executive Director of JScreen. “The more people we educate and test, the more lives we save.”

JScreen makes genetic testing simple by offering easy-to-use at-home saliva kits. The entire process is designed with user ease in mind. To begin, a person signs up online, and the at-home test kit is mailed to them directly. They collect a saliva sample and send it back in the included packaging. Results are ready in approximately three weeks. The JScreen tests use state-of-the-art genetic sequencing technology, ensuring highly accurate results.

In the event of a positive result, JScreen acts as an incredible resource, providing the individual with access to licensed genetic counselors who are available for consultations both via phone and secure video teleconferencing. Genetic counselors ensure that people understand their results and options going forward.

“With Spring in the air, our hope is that people will take advantage of the peace of mind that genetic testing brings, and look toward a happy, healthy future,” says Grinzaid.

As a not-for-profit at-home education and genetic screening program, one of JScreen’s goals is to make testing affordable. With insurance, CancerGEN costs $199 and ReproGEN costs $149, and genetic counseling is included. JScreen also offers need-based financial assistance for qualified individuals.

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JScreen is a national non-profit public health initiative dedicated to preventing genetic diseases. Headquartered in Atlanta at Emory University School of Medicine, the JScreen initiative provides convenient at-home access to cutting-edge genetic testing technology, patient education and genetic counseling services. JScreen believes the combination of education, access to premier genetic screening technologies and personalized, confidential support are the keys to preventing these devastating diseases.