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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Arteric: 2019

Written by: | | Dated: Saturday, April 20th, 2019



475 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901


Quick Facts
Account wins 8
Active business clients 10

Brands by 2018 sales
Brand-product accounts held 25
$500 million-$1 billion 1
$1 billion or more 2
Products not yet approved/launched 3

Services mix
Website and CRM development 50%
Data science and analytics 20%
Advanced technology development (AI, ML) 10 %
Digital brand strategy, digital non-personal promotional strategy 10%
Search engine marketing and optimization 10%


Arteric broke out during 2018 by creating revolutionary content-analytics AI technology that is driving customers’ brand growth and revenue, according to agency leaders. “Our AI technology, recognized thought leadership, nearly flawless tactical execution, and multichannel digital marketing services catalyzed 40 percent year-over-year revenue growth at Arteric,” agency executives say. “Arteric was named a ‘2018 Agency to Watch’ by MM&M and earned 15 design awards from six competitions.”
According to agency management, Arteric serves life science and healthcare brands throughout their life-cycle, from digital recruitment of participants for clinical trials through commercialization. “In 2018, we expanded or created relationships with AstraZeneca, Celgene, Sunstar (Gum, Butler, & Guidor), Wolters Kluwer, Sanofi Genzyme, and Aquestive Pharmaceuticals.”
For more than two decades, Arteric has helped brands shape markets, launch products, and dominate therapeutic areas, according to the leadership team. “In 2018, Arteric expanded into clinical trial recruitment, bringing our best-in-class digital strategy and execution to the challenge of finding trial candidates,” management says. “We helped a client achieve full enrollment for clinical studies of rare diseases, after conventional recruitment efforts had failed to register a single participant.”
The agency significantly grew its data science and analytics practice, “focusing on compressing the ‘collect > analyze > execute’ cycle so that our customers are in position to take advantage of emerging opportunities and shifts in customer behavior and sentiment. Our data science and strategy practice helped a class-leading oncology brand hold its AORs accountable and delivered actionable insights for channel optimization.”
Agency leaders say Arteric’s first value is to “Delight the Customer” by creating stress-free and drama-free experiences. “Scaling this experience led us to add remarkable people to our team,” Arteric managers say. “We grew our strategy, creative, analytics, paid search, quality assurance, and digital development groups. At the executive level, we transformed the organization from a founder-driven organization into a process-oriented organization. We integrated a new management system that focuses on four core areas: vision, data, process, and people. Simultaneously, the team adopted a structured entrepreneurial process that continually optimizes and synchronizes operations across Arteric. In this way, ‘the best ideas and best ways to work win’ remained the Arteric mantra as the organization grew.”

Recent accomplishments

Today, our customers are enjoying the fruits of seeds planted in 2016, when Arteric’s engineering team developed our LGF artificial intelligence (AI) solution,” managers say. “LGF is a content analytics solution that utilizes machine learning and natural language processing; it implements latent semantic analysis, language classifiers, and translators to identify weak but important signals hidden in hundreds of thousands of online user interactions.”
The second major achievement for the Arteric engineering team was the development of a new competitive analysis technology for healthcare brands. Arteric’s Word Embedding Analysis Engine enables Arteric to analyze all content published on websites and to compare the websites’ relative power and authority across topics. This analysis is presented in rich, interactive data visualizations. “Our technology enables Arteric’s digital strategy, paid search, organic search, and design teams to create bold content and digital strategies that are driving engagement and performance in our customers’ digital NPP tactics. The tool also enabled Arteric’s website development practice to create best-in-class websites and Web applications for disease state education, medical information, brands, and corporate communication.”
Arteric’s work with AI was featured at several conferences in 2018, including Digital Pharma East and West, Life Science Leaders’ Summit, and Biopharma eMarketing West; published in trade journals; and streamed via podcast. Data from continuing work with AI will be shared at 10 conferences in 2019, management says.


Arteric’s mission is to explore the boundaries of the possible and to create life-changing experiences through feature-rich, defect-free software that works everywhere and every time, according to agency leaders. “We accomplish our mission by focusing on the four pillars of digital marketing: data science and analytics; digital nonpersonal promotional strategy; advanced technologies, such as AI and machine learning; and value delivery,” agency executives say.
Arteric’s core capabilities include digital brand strategy; channel optimization consulting; SEO/SEM; social media; design; medical and brand content; Website development; software development; analytics; and CRM/Salesforce/Veeva.
“But we believe that the most important service we provide is transformative change,” according to agency executives.
In one case, a brand was challenged to improve global brand consistency, reduce costs, and accelerate the continuous delivery of its global network of websites. “We transformed their world, literally, by implementing website development technologies, standardized processes, themes, content, and translation/localization services – a Global Framework,” management says. “The framework facilitated rapid deployment of globally created, locally approved Web assets regardless of skill level at local affiliates. Our solution has saved the organization more than $5 million since 2013, while ensuring global brand consistency.”
According to Arteric executives, “We seek transformative change at every possible opportunity. It’s why a simple insight in 2014 led to the development of our LGF AI solution in 2016, after years of research.”
For 20 years, Arteric has been at the vanguard of the digital revolution in marketing technology and strategy, Arteric’s leaders maintain.
“While we cannot predict every possible future digital landscape, we have a proven track record of preparing our customers for them and delivering extraordinary results,” agency leadership says. “We envision and execute digital strategies, solutions, and campaigns that have contributed to our customers earning more than $110b in revenue. Our focus is to explore the boundaries of the possible, creating life changing experiences while delivering customer delight and driving revenue for our customers.


Arteric is searching for key customer relationships with brands that want to outperform and aggressively leverage technology to create deeper customer engagement, according to agency leaders. “We will continue to develop our artificial intelligence technologies and data platform, leveraging the insights in our tactical delivery of advanced multichannel campaigns and tactics,” Arteric executives say. “We will be speaking at several pharma and biotech digital conferences this year, so come see us. And, best of all, we are adding amazing people and talents to our team.”


Arteric makes financial donations to charitable organizations that focus on patient advocacy in cancer and inflammatory disease, agency leaders say. Additionally, the agency delivers capacity-building digital strategy and optimization services to multiple patient advocacy organizations pro bono.

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