Ashfield Engage acquires ‘smart data’ organization PROPENSITY4


Ashfield Engage, part of UDG Healthcare has acquired PROPENSITY4 – a ‘smart data’ organization and leader in the healthcare insights and analytics arena.

PROPENSITY4 integrates internal and external data assets and applies the right methodologies to derive detailed insight using proprietary analytical platforms that enables data-performance driven strategy. The acquisition follows multiple years of partnership, and an investment into PROPENSITY4 by Ashfield Engage in 2021.

Ashfield made the decision to acquire the business following the success of multiple projects which have integrated the companies’ offering to provide clients with better approaches to omnichannel outreach and customer engagement on a global level.

The acquisition will further Ashfield’s capability to apply analytical expertise to existing data to redesign programs which increase return on investment across commercial, patient engagement and medical affairs services, and improve patient outcomes.

Christopher Savage, Global Head of Strategy at Ashfield Engage, said: “Ashfield Engage works across the pharmaceutical industry, including top 20 pharma and emerging biotech, to establish and maintain exceptional relationships with the various healthcare stakeholders throughout the commercialisation journey.”

“Our customer engagement expertise, combined with the unparalleled data analytics we have gained through the acquisition of PROPENSITY4, will allow us to supersize our offering, ensuring we’re delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time in the right channel to maximize impact.”

“We have already seen exceptional outcomes as a result of our collaborations. This shows that by applying analytical expertise to existing data, we can redesign engagement models which provide excellent results.”

PROPENSITY4 uses proprietary analytical platforms alongside detailed market insight to inform engagement pathways with HCPs, which ultimately benefits patients.

Sese Abhulimen, Managing Director at PROPENSITY4, said: “We’re excited to be joining an organization we already have a strong partnership with.  PROPENSITY4 was created to move away from project-specific analytics to a big-picture approach, ensuring that data, analytics and insights are tied together to drive strategy across payers, patients and healthcare professionals.

“We have always strived to be held accountable to the range of analytic outcomes we generate for our clients, and our partnership with Ashfield Engage has seen us not only further deliver on this goal but also provide exceptional ROI for our valued clients.”

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About Ashfield Engage

Ashfield Engage – part of Ashfield, a UDG Healthcare company – is an expert, global partner in customer strategy and execution. Ashfield Engage partners to engage with all healthcare audiences to help people get knowledge, support and medicines when and where they need them. As experts in strategic engagement, we create personalized, impactful experiences for all healthcare audiences, across all channels. Everything we do is underpinned by human connections, omnichannel engagement and adaptive analytics.

Ashfield Engage is created based on over 20 years of experience with a team of over 5,000 employers, including 1000 clinical educators, delivering services in over 50 countries, with 17 state-of-the-art contact centers. Offering services across Medical Affairs, Market Access, Commercial, Patient Solutions and Event Experiences providing services across the whole commercialization journey. Under the Ashfield umbrella, Ashfield Engage sits alongside Ashfield Advisory and Ashfield Health.

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PROPENSITY4 is an integrated data and insight solutions provider serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The organization started in 2011 as StrategiK Insight Global (SIG) with the primary value proposition to bridge data and insight integration gaps among analytic vendors in the life-science industry.  The proposition was born from the premise that as opposed to data and project specific analytics, clients are seeking analytic vendors with additional capabilities to serve as strategic integrated data and insights partners. Over the years, PROPENSITY4 has successfully delivered on this value proposition through its consistent partnership approach and proven proprietary methodology applications.

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