Asthma Basics Webinar Series: An Introduction to Asthma with Dr. Alan Kaplan
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
This webinar is for anyone living with asthma, individuals who think they may have asthma, and caregivers for people with asthma.
During the pandemic, people living with asthma have grown more conscious than ever of how their chronic condition affects their lives. Too often we can grow complacent – after all, when you’ve been living with asthma for so long, you know all there is to know, right?
Asthma Canada’s Introduction to Asthma webinar with Dr. Alan Kaplan is a must-see for anyone living with asthma. Dr. Kaplan covers important basics like what questions to ask your doctor, how to properly take medication, and answers frequently asked questions.
If you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with asthma for many years, this webinar is for you.