AstraZeneca’s BREZTRI Brand Team Unveils Latest DTC Campaign, “Get Real”

Committed to serving the COPD community, AstraZeneca’s BREZTRI team is unveiling their latest, direct-to-consumer US advertising campaign, “Get Real.”

The fourth leading cause of death in United States, COPD affects an estimated 15.7 million Americans, and while the impact of flare-ups should be better understood by patients living with the condition, in-depth market research conducted with patients and practitioners unfortunately proves otherwise. “Get Real” is rooted in insights that many patients are unaware flare-ups can cause permanent damage to their lungs, but when they learn the impact of their flare ups, they want a medication that can give them protection.

Aiming to educate and empower COPD patients about the impact of flare-ups and the danger they present, the campaign serves as a tool to spark additional conversations between patients and their doctors. “Get Real” also encourages patients to reset their expectations about managing their COPD, emphasizing COPD treatment and the protection they could get from BREZTRI with better breathing, symptom improvement, and flare-up protection.

AstraZeneca’s BREZTRI team will roll out the rest of the campaign, including an exciting partnership with Richard Childress Racing (RCR) during this year’s NASCAR Cup Series. For more information on BREZTRI, including the video from the “Get Real” campaign and full safety information, please visit