Audacity Health
2550 Gateway Road
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Telephone: 858-385-0664


Account wins    8
Active business clients    21

Brands by 2016 sales
Brand-product accounts held    21


Services Mix

Digital    35%
Advertising    25%
Content Marketing    25%
Branding    15%



Its executives characterize Audacity as “a brand strategy and brand activation agency that works with life science, health and wellness companies to create disruptive brand experiences.”

“We utilize unique insights to inform strategy, science and creativity to generate emotionally engaging content, and art and technology to create transformative digital solutions,” managers say. “We simplify brands to the core. We push innovation to the edge and we connect brands to their customers to drive revenue and establish market leadership.”

“Audacity is not like any other agency in the life science market place” says Neil Matheson, CEO. “As our name suggests, we have the audacity to challenge the status quo, to encourage our clients to push the creative envelop, and to utilize innovative technology solutions that deliver engaging content to the right audience at the right time.”

The Year’s Accomplishments

Audacity continued to enhance its position as a “fearlessly human, disruptive force in life science, health, and wellness branding and brand activation,” according to management.

“Working with several new genomics companies to bring game-changing genomic testing and health management programs to market and supporting the launch of a new umbilical blood banking service were not only exciting but extremely rewarding as they had significant impact on health and wellbeing,” executives say.

Jason Loftis, VP, Technology and User Experience, says he is impressed by the number of new clients that find the agency through its website. “I have never known an agency that attracts so many new clients through their website,” Loftis says. “Most of those new clients tell us that they want a website just like ours and it’s a great compliment to our talented team and the digital activation work they do.”

Executives say Audacity also helped several diagnostics companies integrate acquired businesses into their brand hierarchy to leverage brand equity and effectively position the merged business in the minds of customers.

“Our talented creative team believes that human brand experiences are based on imagery that elicits an emotional response,” says Ella Tsurkanu, VP Creative Services. “We strive to tell emotionally engaging stories which are the fundamental building blocks of a human brand.”

Audacity promoted Tsurkanu to VP Creative Services, Loftis to VP Technology and User Experience, and added Chris Atkinson as VP Strategic Development. Along with Matheson, these three executives comprise the Audacity senior management team.

Structure & Services

Audacity understands how to create powerful, humanly engaging brands that are built on a sophisticated insights-driven approach that is steeped in brand strategy, its leaders note.

“We then translate those strategies into a brand activation plan,” agency execs say. “By combining both strategy and activation, we help our clients successfully create and launch new brands, refresh or reinvent existing brands, reorganize brand portfolios, and create and deploy campaigns that shift perceptions and behaviors. We create and build brands at all levels: corporate, division, portfolio, and product.”

Audacity also provides a full range of online and offline marketing communications services. “Our digital core is augmented by science and medicine expertise and off-the-wall creative talent,” executives remark. “We generate campaigns that drive customers to engage in branded and unbranded content and utilize digital channels to build lasting brand relationships.”

Future Plans

Audacity has an aggressive growth plan. “We will remain focused on the life science, genomics, and medical device industries while also supporting innovative biotechnology and pharmaceutical brands,” management says. “We will continue to serve West Coast clients while continuing to build a base of national clients in the mid-West and on the East Coast. We hope to have an office in Boston, New Jersey, or Philadelphia before the end of 2017.”

According to executives, “Investing in exceptional talent remains a number one priority (in line with our parent Huntsworth Health’s commitment to investing in exceptional talent). We will continue to develop resources that focus on enhancing individual’s strengths through our various training and development programs and mentorship while also building an understanding of the power of team.”


Giving back to the community is important to the members of the Audacity team, agency executives note. Audacity participated in a successful food drive to collect non-perishable food items for the local Feeding America chapter and contributed to the San Diego Food Bank at Thanksgiving.