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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Notes & Methodology for Participating Healthcare Communications Agencies: 2019

To qualify for this annual report, agencies must have the capabilities to develop marketing strategies that target healthcare professionals (physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, etc.), and/or consumers, and/or patients, and/or stakeholders such as managed market payors.

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Agency + Network Structure Listing: 2019

A listing of holding companies/networks & their healthcare communications agencies, and independent healthcare communications agencies.

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SPLICE Agency: 2019

SPLICE is an independent, privately held healthcare advertising agency based in Emeryville, Calif. Management says the company was founded by individuals with significant tenure in healthcare communications agencies. The partners – Paul Hagopian, Joshua McCasland, Jonathan Peischl, Kevin Stokes, and KC Maher – manage the company and play vital roles in each SPLICE account.

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STRIKEFORCE Communications: 2019

As the sun set on 2018, STRIKEFORCE leaders say the agency celebrated its biggest win since its inception in 2008 – reaching the enviable 10-year milestone. With a decade of making history, the agency paused to recognize its radically different way of doing business, which has attracted more than 26 clients, four of the industry’s top 20 blockbuster brands, and over $100 million in revenue since opening its doors, according to STRIKEFORCE executives.

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Winners Unveiled At 30th Annual Med Ad News Manny Awards

Med Ad News revealed the winners of the 2019 Manny Awards, celebrating the best in the healthcare communications industry.

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Med Ad News Announces Finalists for the 2019 Manny Awards and Names Industry Persons of the Year

Med Ad News revealed the nominees for the 30th Annual Manny Awards and named Calcium’s Steven Michaelson and Judy Capano as the 2019 Industry Persons of the Year.

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Top 10 Pipelines To Watch: 2019 Annual Report

The return on R&D investment for leading biopharmaceutical manufacturers fell to a nine-year low while the U.S. FDA approved a record-breaking amount of novel medicines during 2018.

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Medical Advertising Hall of Fame 2019

The Medical Advertising Hall of Fame honored 2019 inductees Carol DiSanto and Charlene Prounis on Feb. 7th at The Pierre in New York City.

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Healthcare Agency Roundtable 2018

Leadership representing the 2018 Manny Award agency and network winners and finalists share their views on various healthcare industry trends and developments.

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Sales and Marketing: Facts & Figures

Less than 8 percent of respondents to a research study of clinical trial participants felt that the potential negative consequences of data sharing outweighed the benefits.

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