Entries by Andrew Humphreys

The CDM Group 2015

The year’s accomplishments2014 marked the 30th anniversary of the CDM Group, and it began with a glance backwards. “We reflected on what got us here, and that’s been our values,” says Joshua Prince, who was named president in 2014, succeeding Carol DiSanto. “Substance, Style, Conviction, and Grace aren’t a bunch of corporate BS. They’re literally what make us, our people, and our culture different. So we recommitted to them in 2014, in everything from how we hire and orient folks, to who stays with the organization.”

CDM Los Angeles 2015

Less than 10 years ago, CDM West was a satellite of CDM New York with just three employees. So by any measure, this past year was a big one, executives say: CDM Los Angeles is now a fully independent agency with its own general manager, a new creative director, and more than 35 employees.

CDM New York 2015

In 2014, executives say CDM New York marked its 30th anniversary as the flagship agency in The CDM Group not by looking back, but by looking forward. The agency’s aspirations for the future and its drive to push boundaries on behalf of clients are summed up in the two words the 300+ people in the agency rally behind each day: “What’s Next.”

CDM Princeton 2015

According to leaders at CDM Princeton, clients today are looking for agency partners who grasp the entire “healthcare ecosystem.” This is especially true in the specialty space, which is incredibly complex and has an intricate web of stakeholders and influencers.

CDMiConnect 2015

CDMiConnect is deeply committed to patients and their health. During 2014, the agency continued to push itself creatively via many multichannel efforts.

Cello Health 2015

According to agency leaders, Cello Health, which operates within Cello Group Plc., offers a unique mix of capabilities structured to help clients unlock the potential of their assets, brands, and organizations.

The CementBloc 2015

According to its leaders, The CementBloc is the “most creatively awarded healthwellness communications company for a second straight year: Our dedication to creative excellence continued!”

Centron 2015

As Centron nears its 10-year anniversary, the agency continues to surge forward, executives say. “In 2014, Centron saw tremendous growth in its client roster as well as in internal infrastructure. We are proud that with each year we experience significant expansion,” says Marcia McLaughlin, CEO of Centron.

closerlook 2015

According to closerlook executives, the pharmaceutical industry’s “one-message-fits-all” approach to promotion and sales continues to become relatively less effective and more expensive. Its leaders say closerlook is a digital marketing agency that helps pharmaceutical marketers build better relationships with their best customers.

CMI/Compas 2015

As the company celebrated its 25th anniversary, executives say CMI/Compas continued the tradition of visionary innovation, looking forward rather than back. Agency leaders note that 2014 was a year of strong growth, as CMI/Compas won significant new assignments and achieved industry-leading client retention as part of the firm’s goal of being viewed as indispensable by clients.