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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Value of Medicines 2019 Special Feature: The unanswered question of value

With Congressional hearings on drug prices, proposed rules for Medicare plans and new ICER efforts to link outcomes to value, finding answers on how to price and pay for drugs is still difficult.

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Greater Than One launches new identity

Greater Than One has repositioned itself, with a new vision. The agency now identifies itself as “the Health & Wellness Imagination Agency,” according to Kieran Walsh, president of Greater Than One.

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People on the Move: Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical Companies

Asceneuron appointed Peter Van Vlasselaer as chair of the board of directors.

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People on the Move: Specialty Pharmaceutical Companies

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. appointed Marc Kikuchi as CEO, North America Generics.

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People on the Move: Service Companies

Pharmaceutics International Inc. named Kurt R. Nielsen, Ph.D., to the position of president and CEO.

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Mobile Marketing Special Feature Part 1: Growing voice for mobile

Pharma continues to lag behind the consumer space in the use of mobile marketing technologies, but the steady advance of consumer tech giants Google and Amazon into the healthcare space means that the industry will have to adapt the tools of AI, voice and chatbots into their marketing, just as their consumer brethren already have.

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Mobile Marketing Special Feature Part 2: Getting pharma into new mobile tech

Intouch Solutions’ Sean Hartigan and Heartbeat’s David Sakadelis say their pharma clients are skittish about the use of chatbots and AI, with an understanding of these technologies more influenced by the grim future of Skynet in the “Terminator” movie franchise rather than the reality of where AI is right now.

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Mobile Marketing Special Feature Part 3: Still a case for apps

In the initial excitement over the possibilities of mobile marketing, pharma rushed to create its own apps. And then these apps languished.

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A restructuring and an acquisition for Evoke

Evoke Group changed the agency’s structure to become Evoke. Med Ad News spoke with Reid Connolly, CEO of Evoke, about some of the thinking behind the change and what it means for the agency’s clients.

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Klick’s holiday video puts Christmas spin on agency launches with ‘Klickmas’

Klick launched the healthcare ad agency’s annual holiday video.

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