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Republican pricing projects could hit industry bottom line

Prices, profits and promotional spend are closely linked. Reduce prices and promotion will plummet. But wait, the Republicans are in control. Accordingly, pharma, its marketing partners and even Wall Street often rest easy, especially when Republicans control Congress and the White House.

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Has Trump been good for medical marketing?

While many of us from blue states and urban bubbles fret over some of the actions of President Donald Trump, it’s good to take a clear-eyed view of whether or not Trump and this administration has been good for the medical marketing industries. Moreover, it’s useful to consider how a “blue wave” in the midterm elections might change the dynamic.


CHC adopts new mission focused on quality medical communication and industry ethics

The Coalition for Healthcare Communication (Coalition) has faced multiple challenges in Washington over the years, including major tax legislation (more on that below), and now its Executive Committee has adopted a new mission statement designed to both combat information quackery and its more modern rendition – fake medical news – and to highlight and raise the ethical standards of the medical communication industry.

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As Congress struggles with healthcare reform, Gottlieb’s FDA is taking action

While the nation’s media was focusing on the unsuccessful attempts by Republicans to pass a successor to Obamacare, a fascinating sideshow has developed in nearby White Oak, Maryland, home of the Food and Drug Administration.

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Policy challenges in the life sciences industries in the age of Trump

While the future of the biopharma and device industries is mostly dependent on what happens in labs and clinical trials, their ability to innovate and successfully market medicines, devices and services operates in a policy soup often flavored by who occupies senior positions in the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration.

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John Kamp: Industry peacekeeping with President Trump holds promise but portends danger

As a public official preparing for international negotiations, I was taught by the U.S. State Department to always know exactly what you want and what you’re willing to give up before sitting down with a skilled international trading partner. It looks like pharma representatives were well prepared recently when sitting down with the country’s new Negotiator-in-Chief, President Donald Trump, but they should be mindful that the other shoe has yet to drop.

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John Kamp: Industry committing to accuracy in sharing drug information

The two leading biopharmaceutical organizations made a bold public statement on FDA off-label policy that proposes new regulatory standard that provides a great starting point for the inevitable policy debates on how the FDA defines “false and misleading” in marketing.