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CMI Media Group Advancing Media, Precision and Performance with Evolution of Media Offering

CMI Media Group, a WPP company (NYSE: WPP), today announced an evolution in their approach to media planning which includes several high-level executive promotions and hires. As leaders in omnichannel, the agency will focus on delivering precision at scale. Fueled by industry leading data and insights from Empower™, the media plans will be created by integrated media strategists with the direction of communications planning specialists, collaborating deeply into the planning and optimization process to create a better deliverable and more impactful outcomes.

Top Takeaways from Google Marketing Live for Pharma Marketers 

Google introduced a number of new features as part of the Google Marketing Live 2022 event. As data privacy becomes more and more important, Google has introduced measures to ensure conversion tracking and attribution can be accurately measured without compromising user data. In addition, they have expanded some ad offerings as well, according to Christa Toole, Partner, Search and Analytics, at Greater Than One.

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Ensuring regional regulatory compliance: managing global information and submissions throughout the product lifecycle

It is vital that, from the beginning of a medicine’s development, a regulatory strategy is built into all activities so companies may optimize value, control costs and reduce risks – all while ensuring proper compliance. If any step is missed along the way, lifescience companies will encounter roadblocks in the form of delays on approval cycles and lack of proper data control, which can impact the long-term revenue for the medicine.

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Creating an optimum patient experience with rare disease populations

Patient support for these populations can greatly impact their overall well-being and willingness to adhere to prescribed therapies, but is also critical to alleviating the inherent anxiety accompanying the diagnosis and treatment journey in rare disease. To help ensure an optimum experience, the best patient support programs will address these concerns by blending the empathy of human connection with the scale of technology.